Best desert trip to Morocco

Best desert trip to Morocco

Planning a desert trip to Morocco can be a fantastic journey that will leave you with unforgettable memories, breathtaking views, and cultural encounters. The Sahara Desert, particularly the Erg Chebbi dunes near Merzouga, is one of the most well-known desert locations in Morocco. From every city in Morocco, local travel companies such as Adrar Travel offer you different itineraries that will take you to the Sahara desert for at least one night. As a unique destination, the trip will allow you to have your Sahara magical night in exotic Morocco. Here is a proposed itinerary for the best desert tours in Morocco and a brief information about it

Famous deserts in Morocco:

Moroccan desert landscapes are well-known, with the Sahara Desert being the most well-known and substantial. Erg Chebbi in southeast Morocco is the optional 1 for most travelers, This massif dunes of over 50km long hosts thousands of people every year. Well-characterised by its reddish dunes with several Sahara desert camps that surrounded the Erg. On the other hand, Erg Chigaga can be your alternative option for a desert tour in Morocco. This last is more wild and exotic with possibilities for overstaying in the luxury camps that are comfortable and warm.


How far is the desert from Marrakech?

Marrakech and the desert are separated by different distances. The Erg Chebbi dunes at Merzouga, the most popular desert destination in Morocco, are roughly 560 to 600 kilometers (350 to 375 miles) away from Marrakech in a direct line. However, because of the route and the state of the roads, the actual driving distance is more. If you choose a direct route, the travel normally requires 9 to 10 hours of driving time. Along the route, you’ll pass through a variety of environments, including the High Atlas Mountains, Berber villages, and other fascinating places such as Rose Valley, Dades Gorges, and Todgha Gorges

2 days desert trip from Marrakech

Short desert trip from Marrakech

This is the short desert tour you can make from Marrakech to Zagora desert. Here you will not find big dunes but still, it’s a desertic environment that will take you to the little dunes with the camel riding experience. At the little dunes, there are desert camps that will be an opportunity for overnight and stargazing. 2 days desert trip is also an opportunity to explore the Atlas mountains on the way as well as some old settlements of Berber villages and the famous Draa valley ( palm trees valley).

Keep in mind that this is only a suggested itinerary for 2 2-day/night desert trip; you can change it to suit your needs and the time you have available. Although the Zagora desert lacks the massive sand dunes of Merzouga, it nevertheless provides a taste of the Moroccan desert and might be a fantastic option for a shorter trip from Marrakech.

Morocco Desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

The desert tour from Marrakech to Fes is one of the most famous trips you can make in Morocco, connected between these most amazing cities that are worthy and interesting to explore. 3-4 days itineraries in Morocco will take you for an amazing exploration of Erg Chebbi.

This trip can also be the other way around, Starting from Fes and ending in Marrakech, however, the goal is to try different experiences such as camel riding, and quad biking, and share some amazing memories with local guides at your chosen luxury desert camp.

Agafay desert in Marrakech:

If you are already in Marrakech for a very short time and you can’t make it that far, the Agafay desert in Marrakech is only 45 45-minute drive. No dunes at all, yet it’s an amazing place to explore for a day trip. With the social media and the being near Marrakech, this rocky dry landscape where several camps are created becomes the best desert trip to Morocco you can make for shorter experiences around Marrakech.


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