The project is led by an expert English/French/Spanish speaker.  However, the Nomad Homestay requires a willingness to participate in a non-English speaking environment.  We will teach you some basic, useful Tamazight (Berber) words and phrases before your stay, but the nomads generally know very little English, if at all.  Individuals must be willing to brave the language barrier and learn to communicate using whatever means necessary.

The cost is reasonable as well as benefiting the nomadic families.  The exact price will depends on the transport you choose, number of days/nights with the nomads, number of people in your group and the point of departure.

Your tour can last from 1 day to 2 weeks during the months from October through June.

Please let us know (quietly if you wish) if you have any medical condition or are on any medication that you think might impact your trip.  We are out for a great time and we want you to feel comfortable in your environment.

Most of the time we quote in euros, but the payment can be done in euros, sterling, dollars or MAD. Our prices are competitive. When you compare all the advantages we offer, they are the best in the industry, offering unsurpassed value.

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