Special Interest

Bird watching tour

Nomad Homestay

Photography tour


What’s your passion ?

In addition of offering many different adventure travel itineraries. we strive to offer new and interesting special interest adventure trips tailor to specific of our guest. These specially designer packages are offered for both the groups and individuals sector.

Adrar travel Special interest tour programs can have an culture, sport, nature, adventure, educational or scientific theme or they can be more general with a special interest activity. Whatever your passion is we offers great experience in photographing, dancing, practicing Yoga, biking, skiing, canyoning,rafting, hors riding... you can choose a trip with an culture experience we propose such as discovering and learning about the Amazigh(Berber) nomads or a special activity tour such bird watching tours and photography tour to enjoy and share you the same hobby with others  or just  create your own special tour and open the treasure chest to the real Moroccan experience.