Morocco offers great opportunities for trekking in The Atlas Mountains which are the back drop to our fantastic mountain adventure, including Jbel Toubkal4168m , Jbel M’goun 4087m, Jbel siroua 3305m and the Jbel Saghro 2712m. Depending on the season and your fitness level, you can hike, walk or ramble in different  regions of Morocco, allow to be more in touch with nature and to discover the culture of  Amazigh (Berber) people with their warmth hospitality while you cross thier tipical villages.Whatever you choose, the Atlas Mountain won’t disappoint: a warm welcome, excellent food, pure mountain air, and hiking through some of Moroccan most majestic landscapes – it’s an intoxicating mix that will no doubt see you return again and again.


2 day trek to Toubkal peak                                       Toubkal peak- 3 days                                    M’goun summit trek-6 days

Atlas mountain trek
feel the adventure and touch the void, only 2 days from Marrakech then you are in the top of the highest peak in the north Africa 4168m, true challenge and a real hike over the Atlas mountain and among the national park of Toubkal.
walking holidays morocco
This beautiful trekking surrounds the majestic Toubkal Peak (4168m), in 3 days of amazing guided hiking. The landscapes are very spectacular: Toubkal is one of the most beautiful mountain in the Atlas range of Morocco and the hiking holidays here offers great hikking experience
Mgoun peak trekking
a great challenging walking holiday in the high Atlas mountain of Moroccco, trekking in to summit of Mgoun 4068m, 6 days hike full of excitment and adventure including the valley of Ait bougmmez and the valley of Mgoun.












Saghro Massif trek- 6 days                          Jbel saghro trek-  5 days                                 Saghro valleys trek- 6 days

trekking in saghro Mountain
Jbel saghro does not experience true winter snows like the High Atlas, making it great aarea for winter hiking. offers 6 days of walking and camping for those who don’t want a big exausting walks but a great mountain experience with a culture discover.
saghro trekking
in its volcanic mountains and among the hospitality of Ait Atta tribe saghro offers you a nice medium level hiking trip, also can be done with your children!
saghro trekking et randonnée au Maroc
from north to south 6 days days corss of the Saghro massif experience the life of nomads in Saghro mountain. discover the small valleys and gorges and have unforgotten trekking adventure.












Siroua massif -6 days trek                         Toubkal national park- 6 days trek

trekking in morocco
with unique landscapes the mountains of Siroua are often totally different from anything else you have seen before. visit the highest peak of the Anti Atlas mountains at 3,305 metres. you can visit this wild and amazing region and we are ready to take you the
trekking in the Atlas mountain
the trek offers amazing adventure but also a chance to meet local Berbers and cross several of their pretty villages, cobalt-blue Lake Ifni, to the Neltner Refuge below Toubkal a big escape from the modern life, and great camping experience.

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