Essaouira day trip

Essaouira day trip departure Marrakech
Essaouira is sea-side medieval city with, old Portuguese city, well-known with many names such as Mogador/ Tassurt, very artistic city, famous as well for its annual festival of “Gnaoua music”

located at 170 km from Marrakech on the Morocco’s coast Atlantic. Essaouira is a small coastal town, this city is a world Heritage site by UNESCO, the medina is surrounded by the walls that protect it.The Medina of Essaouira, smaller than that of Marrakech, offering a wide variety of craft products. Another important area of Essaouira is a fishing port, where you can find many boats with blue colorVisit the beach and famous port of Essaouira on a day trip from Marrakech. You’ll take a guided tour of the port and have the opportunity to discover the marvelous Argan oil when you visit a Women’s Co-operative manufacturing this famous product.