Moroccan Nomads Travel

Moroccan Nomads Travel

Trekking with Nomads

A glimpse into nomadic life while travelling with the last nomads of Morocco!
Twice a year the nomadic people of the Ait Atta tribe go in search of fodder for their large flocks of animals. Each year, depending on grazing requirements and the vagaries of the climate, they follow a seasonal migratory pattern with their livestock and entire households.

Over eight days you will travel with a family of the Ait Atta, a Berber tribe whose origins allegedly date back to Goliath, as they migrate with their livestock from their homeland in JbelSaghro through the Dades Valley to the summer pastures in the High Atlas Mountains or the other way around. Your guide will be a member of the Ait Atta clan. You will be introduced to traditions that are centuries old and passed from one generation of the Ait Atta to the next.

It is an amazing and unique cultural experience not found in many other places. The trek takes you back in time crossing eroded plateaus, rocky peaks and dotted green oases in a team of a caravan, following therhythm of the goats, camels, humans…

The trek is possible only twice a year. In the beginning of summer, nomads of Ait Atta travel to their land in the High Atlas, following their flock. As the first snow starts to fall at the beginning of winter, they start charging their luggage back to their home origin in the JbelSaghro Mountains. It is a lifestyle that connects the nomads with their animals.

This is far from a standard tourist experience; travelling with the nomadic Ait Atta means fitting into the organization of the caravan and accepting the decisions of the nomads’ chief for the breaks, campsites and departure times. It also requires that each member of the team helps with simple chores; loading pack animals, collecting the firewood, gathering sheep and goats. However, while this will be a relatively unstructured journey with potential for surprises, it is unlikely to be anything but a unique experience.

Travel with Nomads


The highlight of the trip:

    • Exceptional experience in sharing every moment with the Ait Atta tribe.
    • Trekking to cross the High Atlas and head towards the south.
    • Discover Ouzoud waterfalls and the valley of AitBougmez.

The departure date for the trip:

20th September to 30th September 2016.

Trek options and daily path:

The trek takes 4 to 7 hours a day. Everyday you will have the choice of either following the shepherd with his flock of goats and sheep or follow the dromedaries and charge through with the luggage.

Our guides:

All our hikes are led by graduates of the Moroccan Guiding School, who speak fluent English, French as well as other languages, They are very professional with a deep understanding and knowledge of the land, history and traditions of the country in which you will spend time with the people you will meet. They are also qualified in first aid.

Our cooks:

All your meals will be carefully prepared by our cooks who use the spices of North Africa to create tasty and appetizing food – fuel for your hike.

Our muleteers/cameleers:

You won’t find many who speak your language but you will see their kindness in the way saghro trekkingthey treat their animals. At night they will share their music and community spirit with you and you will bond with farmers, shepherds and nomad, fathers, brothers and sons. Taking you to see their hidden pastures, sharing their way of life and showing you their country earns them some additional income. This allows them to buy not only the essentials such as sugar, oil, tea but also books and educational materials for their children.

Their loyalty and motivation to show you the best the nomads of Morocco have to offer and this will make your trip not only a success but unforgettable.

Our nomad family:

They are a part of our tribe in the south of Morocco and some of them are our families, they don’t speak your language but they will be very happy to accompany you and show you every step in their daily life.

Trek Conditions

    • Minimum age is 12 years.
    • Suitability – you need to be in a good physical condition and reasonably fit.
    • Level 2 – medium. This route is not technically difficult (you don’t need to be an experienced rock climber)

      but you need to be reasonably fit and accustomed to completing day hikes. You will be walking an average of six hours each day and sleeping in bivouacs.

    • Best temperature, not cold nor hot: mainly mid April to the end of May and the start of September to the beginning of November.

Health conditions

The trek requires you to be physically fine and in good health. In certain places mentioned in the itinerary emergency measures may be quite difficult to access therefore a thorough health checkup is strongly recommended prior to departure.

Luggage and Equipments: You will travel on foot, but your luggage and camping equipment with supplies it will be carried by mules and camels. Please do use a soft travel bag and make sure your belongings don’t weigh more than 15kg. You may carry a very small daypack for your valuables, water and camera. This should not weigh more than 10 kg.


The price depends on the number of the group

Your subscription will not be confirmed till we have the receipt of:

    • 20% of the quote of the trip as a deposit to secure your reservation.
    • Full personal details: full name, copy of your passport, Address, Phone number.
    • Number of your passport or identity card.
    • Phone number of a person we can contact in case of emergency.
    • Copy of your travel insurance (name, number of the contract, and phone number of your insurance company).


  • Riad in the heart of Marrakech on the first day.
  • Guest house in AitBougmez valley.
  • During the trek 1 tent for two persons with two mattresses.
  • Guest house in Dades.