Photography tour Morocco

Photography tour Morocco


Morocco is a photographer’s dream!

With itsrich history, multicultural population and varied geography Morocco is a fascinating country!

Take the opportunity to capture memorable experiences through your lens in the fascinating country of Morocco. Morocco, a land filled with mystery and magic, vibrant culture and friendly people. An ancient and absorbing land full of exotic souks, exquisite scenery, picturesque villages and a dramatic Sahara. Enjoy the sights in and around vibrant Marrakech and ancient Fez, make an unforgettable journey into the Sahara and photograph architecture, dramatic landscapes, villages and people.


Whether you just bought your first camera or you are already a keen photographer, our photo tours offer great opportunities for everyone that enjoys photography and traveling. It’s well known that you can take photographs almost anywhere in Morocco but we design this tour to satisfy all the photography interests and visit some special places. Among the group we try to share knowledge of photography and Morocco and support each other’s creativity with ideas and tips to create narrative and dynamic travel photographs. Our trip together will include individual and group discussions, inspiring ideas and great fun!

We are very happy to offer you unique, private photo tours and drive you from small towns to crowded imperial cities and from the depth of the Sahara desert to the Atlantic ocean! Contact us!