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Are you wondering what will be on your plates when traveling in Morocco?  Thinking about how the Moroccan food test is like?…. Don’t worry, Moroccan cuisine is well known as one of the best in the world, with varied traditional dishes with a lot of influence from original Amazigh people, Romans, Africans, Arabs, French, Spanish. In addition to the diversity of Traditional Moroccan food recipes that the food everywhere in Morocco got, once you Venture into the Medinas in Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, you will find so many types of Moroccan street food that you may love and want to try again and again.

What does Moroccan food taste like?

In general, Moroccans tend to use a lot of spices on their food, this doesn’t mean that the food is spicy. Moroccan cuisine has a lot of flavors, varying from one dish to another. Moroccan cuisine is reflected by its market, First thing you observe is 100’s spices in the souks with iconic dishes come together to create the most authentic dishes that made for generations.
In addition to Morocco being an agricultural country, you may find that vegetables and fruits play a huge role in the kitchen of Moroccans and add a pure test to their dishes.
In addition to the flavors, Moroccan cuisine is based on olive oil, Argan Oil that they use in almost every dish. This adds a unique test to the dish and makes you want more.

What’s the Moroccan food menu?

The food menu in Morocco is varied with over 100 different dishes. If you are on a long tour in Morocco try to use the specialty of each place so you won’t get bored with the common dishes that you will find everywhere, like Tagine and Couscous although this last has over 6 varieties and way of Making it.

If you love street Food, Morocco will be your best foody country. Street food that tests different and often can be only found in Streets of cities, like snails and Bisara

What’re foods to try in Morocco??

Depending on you and how strong your stomach is, Moroccan food is in general healthy, delicious, and tempting. If you are traveling to Morocco for the first time it’s better to choose cooked dishes instead of non-cooked like Saladas.

Top list of Moroccan famous dishes:

As mentioned before, there are 100’s of Moroccan dishes that are worth trying, here is top of the Moroccan dishes that you shouldn’t skip during your Morocco vacation:

  1. Tagine
  2. Couscous
  3. Tangia
  4. Harira
  5. Bisara
  6. Maaqouda
  7. Zaalouk
  8. Kefta
  9. Bastilla

Vegetarian cuisine in Morocco list:

Although for some Moroccans it’s still quite a weirdo to be vegetarian because the meat is a celebration, very important in almost every dish. There are some Moroccan dishes that are totally vegetarian such as Moroccan Salad, Briouats, Berber Omelets, Soup, lentils, Bisara, and beans…

If you’re a vegetarian and you are traveling to Morocco, there are several restaurants that offer only vegetarian or vegan food in the big cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes and Tangier. Otherwise don’t hesitate to especially let restaurants know that you’re vegetarian! Tagines, Couscous, and several dishes can be prepared without meat although it’s an important ingredient for Moroccans.

The national drink in Morocco: 

desert trip from Agadir Mint tea at day or night is the main drink for every Moroccan family, No matter, if it’s a family in the middle of Medina of Fes or a nomad family deep in the Atlas mountains mint tea is a daily drink. Moroccan Tea can also be served with different herbs and plants such as sage, wormwood, lemon verbena, wild thyme, and wild geranium

Moroccans consume a big amount of tea, most of the time with a lot of sugar, but cafée outside is largely common among the young generation.

Orange juice is also a command drink and very delicious once you are in a popular place like the Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakech

How to enjoy food while traveling in Morocco?

Our Homestay in Morocco offers you a great opportunity not only to discover the nomad lifestyle but also cooking classes while staying among a hosted family. Since our homestay is in the Atlas mountains and Jbel Saghro, we offer some very authentic ways to cook that aren’t offered elsewhere.

During also our Grand Morocco tours We offer optional activities such as cooking classes in Marrakech, an experience that will take you inside the market of the Medina to buy the supplies and also cook and have lunch or dinner.

Adrar Travel is always your gate for such unique experiences, therefore don’t hesitate to ask for cooking classes or any passion that you love to experience while traveling in Morocco.



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