The best lakes in Morocco / Morocco lakes

The best lakes in Morocco

It’s true that the first image that comes to your mind when you hear Morocco, is the Sahara desert, and probably the cities of Marrakech or Casablanca.What does not everyone knows is that Morocco has a varied terrain and landscape, it has staining mountains, dunes, forests, beaches, and certainly allot of lakes. In this article, […]

top 6 places to visit in Morocco/What to do in Morocco

top 6 places to visit in Morocco

We certainly find it hard to decide/choose the top 6 places to visit during your tour in Morocco, as tour experts with years of experience, our personal opinion combined with what our customers prefer the most, we have chosen these 6 top destinations not to be missed during your first vacation in Morocco. However, there […]

5 best treks in Morocco/Trekking in Morocco

5 best treks in Morocco

Morocco becomes one of the best destinations for tourism in the world. The Sahara desert trips are among the first activity that tourists are attracted to, but trekking surprisingly is the second activity when you know that Morocco Atlas mountain and Rif mountains have over 10 peaks with more than 3500m high, over 10 national […]

What you should know before you travel to Morocco

tips to travel to Morocco

VISA Almost all English-speaking countries (except South Africa and Australia) do not require visas to enter the country, however, if it’s required mostly it’s easy to get. Best Transportation to Use to Travel to Morocco There are flights daily To Morocco from different countries, however depending on which part of the country you are interested […]