5 Traditional dance and Music in Morocco

dance and Music in Morocco

5 Traditional Dance and Music in Morocco Traditional dance and music have played an important role in every culture Including Moroccan culture. Such music and dance would give joy to every special occasion. For every generation, it’s a very important cultural tradition for Amazigh people in Morocco as well as in the whole of North […]

Top Music festivals in Morocco that worth traveling for!

Top music festivals in Morocco

“Music is a world within its self, it is a language we all understand” Stevie wonder Being in a country with a cultural diversity like Morocco means having different types of Moroccan Music, from north to south there are many different types of music from one to another. Through this article, you will know the […]

7 Charming hotels in the south of Morocco

beautiful hotels in the south of Morocco

Where to stay is an important question that any traveler may ask before traveling to any place, finding charming hotels in the region of South East Morocco would be the best part when you are doing a tour in Morocco, therefore we are here to mention 7 charming Hotels in the south of Morocco, not […]

Talassemtane national parks in Morocco

talassemtane national park

Talassemtane national park in Morocco Morocco has a unique variety of landscape from oceans to green to totally dry and desertic, this made Morocco have 12 beautiful national parks rich in fauna and flora very different one from the other. the first national park created Toubkal National park back in 1942 which made it the […]

What to buy during your vacation in Morocco

what to buy in Morocco

Morocco is the paradise of Crafts! but What to buy during your vacation in Morocco? As a country geographically situated in Africa, but not far from Europe, has an Amazigh unique culture that has roots deep in history with the influence of many invasions, Morocco is really the paradise of crafts. Moroccans established a unique […]

Why you should start the tour from Tangier?

tour in Tangier

 Morocco tour from Tangier/ Why you should start the tour from Tangier? Known as the gateway to Africa or the bride of the north, due to its rich history and its geographic position as well as economic development last few years, Tangier receives countless numbers of Visits every year. a city of unique culture and […]

The best lakes in Morocco / Morocco lakes

The best lakes in Morocco

It’s true that the first image that comes to your mind when you hear Morocco, is the Sahara desert, and probably the cities of Marrakech or Casablanca. What does not everyone knows is that Morocco has varied terrain and landscape, it has staining mountains, dunes, forests, beaches, and certainly a lot of lakes. In this […]

top 6 places to visit in Morocco/What to do in Morocco

top 6 places to visit in Morocco

We certainly find it hard to decide/choose the top 6 places to visit during your tour in Morocco, as tour experts with years of experience, our personal opinion combined with what our customers prefer the most, we have chosen these 6 top destinations not to be missed during your first vacation in Morocco. However, there […]

Interesting things do in Marrakech/ Visit Marrakech

Interesting things to do in Marrakech

As a traveler in Marrakech for the first time, you may ask what’s interesting things to do in Marrakech? Well, there is a lot to do in this beautiful city! and this article is an attempt to Answer this famous question!   Walk in the Medina Diffenatley the Medina of Marrakech attracts millions of people […]

5 best treks in Morocco/Trekking in Morocco

5 best treks in Morocco

Morocco becomes one of the best destinations for tourism in the world. The Sahara desert trips are among the first activity that tourists are attracted to, but trekking surprisingly is the second activity when you know that Morocco Atlas mountain and Rif mountains have over 10 peaks with more than 3500m high, over 10 national […]