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Morocco Tours and Vacations

Adrar Travel is a Moroccan tourism company grown from the love of nature, the excitement of adventure and the celebration of a diverse Moroccan culture, the Adrar, means mountain in Tamazight language, forming members of The descendants of nomadic families who share the traditional nomadic philosophy they strive to perpetuate, The Tour Company’s goal is to provide travelers with an unforgettable Moroccan experience in hiking and 4WD tours in a friendly atmosphere, at an enjoyable pace, to enlighten every day of their trip, With over 15 years of experience, we are specialists who escort you to make your dream vacation in Morocco come true. Adrar travel is one the best Morocco tour and vacations company.

Travel packages and tailor-made itineraries

We offer various travel packages and personalized itineraries at a reasonable price, ensuring the quality of the services we provide for the best Morocco tour and vacations.

We aim for quality service and travel assistance, your satisfaction and well being is our priority.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced guides.

Our drivers know well the customs of the communities where our services are available.
Our expert team ensures you memorable journeys.

Guided Morocco Tours and Vacations, Trekking Trips

Exciting excursions in 4×4 through various terrains are a great way to see the unexpected side of the unique landscape of Morocco, the imperial cities, we venture into the Sahara desert in the heart of Morocco to discover the beautiful blue sky, the landscape Golden and spectacular views of scenic mountains on a four-wheel drive safari, Morocco offers authentic adventures in the fantastic mountain Atlas, then the trekking is customizable and can be planned at any time, there are many options for Guided hiking holidays, hard and wild adventures in the highest peaks To experience comfortable and easy to enjoy good Moroccan food and warm shelters.

Nomad Homestay

Our nomad homestay in Morocco offers you an incredible experience which will help you to explore their old way of life, and the experience guided by our professional guides allows you every day to discover the Amazigh culture and to show the nomadic activities during your stay for Save this unique lifestyle that is disentangling.

Special Interest vacations in Morocco

Based on your passion and interest our tours in Morocco can have a culture, sport, nature, adventure, educational or scientific theme, or they can be more general with a special interest activity, whatever your passion is we tailor tours for photographing, dancing, practicing, Yoga, biking, homestay, skiing, canyoning, rafting, horse riding and much more! to suits any passion.