Book your Marrakech Air Balloon experience with us!  an activity/adventure that will take you above the sky of the red city of Marrakech, Enjoy the amazing sunrise and the view of the Atlas mountains with the first daylights.

Duration: 3 hours (including pick-up/drop-off)

Pick up address: Your hotel/Riad

Breakfast: upon request



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Marrakech Air Balloon experience

Marrakech Air Balloon experience is a wonderful opportunity to take in the city’s and its surroundings’ stunning landscape. When viewed from above, Marrakech’s colorful culture, extensive history, and breathtaking architecture take on an even more magical quality. What to anticipate from the Marrakech Air Balloon experience, in general, is as follows:

Amazing landscape: After exploring Marrakech’s vibrant colors, and the historic site  you definitely want to see the red city from the 

The feel of the adventure: Like any activity that requires some courage, Hot Air Ballon will make feel the adventure of being in the sky

Photography: Imagine being in the sky of Marrakech with an amazing view of the Atlas mountains with the first daylight, that’s something worth some pictures right?


Full details about the Marrakech Air Balloon experience:

Early morning start: The best time for a Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech take a place in the early morning, starting before sunset, This is the best time when the weather conditions are optimal and the sky is clear. Our driver pick you up at your hotel/Riad at the chosen time

Preparation and briefing: After reaching out to the launch site you will meet your pilot and the crow who will give you a safety briefing and instructions on how to get in and out of the balloon basket.

Air balloon inflation: You’ll get to see how the hot air balloon is inflated, which is a fascinating procedure. You can snap pictures and, if you’d want to, help the team, while the balloon climbs and expands.

Approximate duration: The Air Balloon ride in Marrakech takes around 45 minutes, however, this duration can depend on the weather

Take off: You will enter the basket once the balloon is fully inflated, and the adventure will begin! You’ll softly rise off the ground and begin to ascend into the sky as the burner warms the air within the balloon.

Marrakech hot Air Balloon prices:

The average cost for Air Ballon in Marrakech is 100€ per person, however, it may vary from one season to another as well as depending on the number of people within the group.

Where do we do the Air balloon experience?

This experience started in Marrakech, however, the direction will be 

What to wear for the Air Ballon Ride in Marrakech?

This morning activity in Marrakech requires bringing a jacket or a sweater, Early morning can be chilly even during the summer months.

How old do you need to be to go on a hot air balloon? 

To ride the hot Air Balloon in Marrakech you need to be No younger than 7 for safety reasons and people under 16 need an adult responsible for them.

Can we have breakfast before riding the Air Balloon?

The answer is yes, however, it’s required to book it in advance.





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