Interesting things do to in Marrakech/ Visit Marrakech

Interesting things to do in Marrakech/ Visit Marrakech

As a traveler in Marrakech for the first time, you may ask what interesting things to do in Marrakech. Well, there is a lot to do in this beautiful city. Diffenatley the Medina of Marrakech attracts millions of people every year, its charming accommodations (Riads) are the best way to spend a night in the middle of this authentic Old part of the city, From your Riad/hotel You can walk to the main square of Jamaa El Fena, where there are interesting crafts all around, make your eyes enjoy the colors of crafts, shoes, and spices while you are listening to the music performance.

There are very interesting landmarks that you can visit when you are walking in the Medina, including Bahia Palace, Ben Youssef Madrasa,  El Badi Palace, and Saadiyin tombs

Agafay desert trip

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More things to do in Marrakech:

Go Shopping in Marrakech

While you are in the Medina you may notice that Marrakech is a beautiful place to purchase crafts, there are 100s of shops all around that offers authentic and new crafts, shoes, carpets, lamps, and poufs…but Always keep in mind that bargaining is a part of the culture in Morocco. Marrakech is well known as an old market center for the region, therefore, you may find it the best place where to shop for some souvenirs that come from all over Morocco.

Marrakech guided tour

If you do not enjoy getting lost from time to time, it is better to hire a guide and make it a full-day guided tour in Marrakech. It is an interesting city when you have a guide to walk with you and inform you of its historical sights and culture without worrying about finding your way back. Marrakech Has some interesting sights to visit such as Bahia Palace, El Badi Palace, Ben Youssef Medrasa, La Maison de Photography, Jardin Majorelle…

Go for a day trip from Marrakech

Once you are bored with the noise of the city, it is always possible to make a day trip to a peaceful place, a day tour can be to the Atlas mountains to visit one of its valleys and get to discover more about Morocco in its mountains and villages or farther to Essaouira by the coast. Billow is some famous Excursions you can do in Marrakech.

  • Ourika Valley or Imil Valley: One of the famous valleys in the Atlas mountains, offers a fresh air journey with the possibility of doing some hiking. Having a Tagin near the river could be an excellent experience after enjoying a cup of Moroccan tea.
  • Essaouira day trip: Known as Mogador, this town by the beach is 3 3-hour drive from Marrakech, It attracts people to visit its small artistic Medina, for its delicious Seafood while the windsurfing activity is pretty common. It is a peaceful place to get away from the crowded city of Marrakech.
  • Oukimden:  During winter it is one of the best sky stations to visit in Morocco, where you can spend a day, and enjoy the white Atlas mountains.
  • Agafay desert trip: Known as the desert of Marrakech, Enjoying the dry scenery of the Atlas mountains, this place offers an experience to spend a relaxing day in one of Its luxury camps while there are always some activities that you can do such as quad biking or camel riding.
  • Ouzoud waterfalls: A full-day trip to Ouzoud waterfalls will take you to the middle Atlas mountains to see the biggest waterfall in Morocco, where you can have a hike, observe the Barbary Apes, or simply Enjoy a delicious Tagin with a view of the waterfalls.                                  

 Go Short desert tour:


Doing a tour in Morocco is pretty easy and common, 2 to 3 days can enrich your experience here by visiting the Sahara desert and enjoying the south of Morocco with its unique nature and culture. Most tours in Morocco would head to the Zagora desert or farther to Erg Chebbi or Erg Chegaga in a few days from Marrakech.

Cooking class in Marrakech

If you are a cooking lover, the most interesting thing to do in Marrakech is to have some lessons on the cuisine of Morocco, it has a lot to offer! join a cooking class experience, There are all sorts of new tastes to enjoy here, from spicy Tagines and homemade bread to sweet treats and plates piled high with Couscous. Some Riads offer this experience including the process of going to buy the supplies! while you get to enjoy what you have cooked later on.

Air balloon

There are several companies that offer the balloon experience in Marrakech. not only to enjoy the sunset, but it is an amazing feeling to be in the sky if it’s your first time. Most of the Air Ballon companies would offer you transportation as well as breakfast before you go on the balloon experience.

Go for a hike in the Atlas mountains

5 best treks in Morocco

For adventurous people who love trekking and Hiking, Morocco has the second-highest peak in Africa with 4268m altitude, This peak is not far from Marrakech, you can hike the peak of Toubkal in two days!! isn’t that an amazing opportunity if you are already around? trekking in Morocco is very common, especially in the Atlas mountains, its famous peaks such as the Toubkal Peak or Mgoun summit are highly recommended. However, you can also make short trekking trips from Marrakech in one of the valleys like Ourika or Imlil.

Quad biking or camel riding

Quade biking in Marrakech

There are several places where you can do Quad biking around Marrakech, in the Palmtress of Marrakech, or in the Agafay desert. This outdoor activity makes you live the adventure around Marrakech while you are enjoying quad biking in a beautiful landscape.

Camel riding similarly it’s is similarly provided in different places around Marrakech as well as almost everywhere in Morocco. Taking some memorable pictures of your journey with the camel and back to your hotel would be a unique experience.

Visit some beautiful gardens

  • Menara garden: Free and open to the public, this garden is a charming place to spend some time. Usually, the place would be full during the weekend. However, the garden offers the opportunity to walk in the shadow of the olive trees.
  • Majorelle garden: Two and half acres of the botanical garden, It was created by the French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle in 1923. With its Beautiful Garden and Museum, it is one of the best tourist sites in Marrakech attracting over 700,000 visitors annually.
  • Anima Garden: Situated 30 km from Marrakech, Anima was created by the artist Andre Heller. it holds some of the best artwork that you may see around Marrakech, definitely worth discovering.

Discover Marrakech nouvelle ville

If you are visiting Marrakech don’t forget that there is a modern city around, A walk from the Medina can lead you to Gueliz, the Ville Nouvelle of Marrakech where you can explore the Moroccan modern life. Gueliz it is where the head of new construction is, big hotels, Malls… If you love to hang out at night there are a lot of places where you can go for a drink in the area.

Golf in Marrakech: 

Although this activity doesn’t attract everybody, for the Golf Lovers, around Marrakech, there are several places where you can play golf and enjoy, at the same time a unique landscape!


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