What to buy during your vacation in Morocco

Morocco is the paradise of Crafts! but What to buy during your vacation in Morocco?

As a country geographically situated in Africa, but not far from Europe, has an Amazigh unique culture that has roots deep in history with the influence of many invasions, Morocco is really the paradise of crafts. Moroccans established a unique craft culture that moves from a generation to another that they are proudly still made even today. It would be hard to mention all the crafts in Morocco, therefore we are only mentioning the best 3 of them or at least the famous/old crafts!

Often when you are traveling in Morocco, so many crafts in every city or town you visit, but you don’t know what to buy? here is the 3 best crafts in Morocco

Moroccan poufs:

Best of handmade product that you can find in every souk ( market) Either leather poufs or Sabra silk poufs. The leather poufs are well made with varied colors that add a unique look to any room in your house, but also adds an authentic comfort and excitement to your guests. both Pouf are stitched and both are unique craft in Morocco

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Moroccan rugs

Morocco is known for ages as the best destination for anyone who is looking for authentic and unique craft design. Rugs are the art from one generation to another inside the Amazigh ( Berber ) house deep in the Atlas mountains. In every valley and village there is always a rug that is in the way for fabrication; most of the time it would be for the personal use of the family that women do for their family.

Last few years with the development of tourism there is more demand for this beautiful art, which made cooperatives show up and be the main producer of the big Markets in Marrakech and Fes particularly. As common in the Amazigh culture, ladies are the art makers, the Amazigh ladies established the cooperatives of the rug to be a collaboration work among them in a certain village, but also made them more attached and productive in this most isolated Areas.

Every region has a unique style and design in Moroccan rugs, Beni Ourain, Akhnif, Kilim, Glaoui, Hanbel, and more made the market of rugs one of the richest and the best in the country.


Moroccan blankets

known also as Handira, Moroccan blankets are either from wool or cotton with any size you’re looking for. once you try this beautiful Item in your bed it almost feels like you are on a peaceful vacation in Morocco. Most of the time Artisans would add pom poms to the blanket which adds a special beauty to the blanket.

Moroccan blankets can be used as bed cover, but also as a throw on your sofa, very warm which can be amazing during cold winter and very charming which enter a joy to your life.


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