Visit Bahia Palace – The best attraction in Marrakech

Visit Bahia Palace – The best attraction in Marrakech

Visit Bahia palace

The Bahia Palace, built between 1866-1867, this Moroccan sight and landmark is the most famous tourist attraction in Marrakech. Covers two acres, contains domestic rooms for the family, meetings/administrative halls, dining rooms, studying and learning rooms, Riads, and a Garden. Visit Bahia Palace offers a beautiful glimpse at Moroccan architecture that follows the traditional style of old times with carved stucco and cedarwood, making the visit to this site one of the top interesting things to do in Marrakech.

Bahia was Built for the personal use of Si Moussa, Grand Vizier of the Sultan, a former slave who climbed the ranks. The house was soon after occupied by his son Bou Ahmed. Nowadays it is a historical monument open to the public.

When Bahia palace is opened?

Bahia Palace opens its doors daily from 9 to 5 pm while you can wander in its beautiful 150 rooms, its fountains decorated with mosaic, authentic windows, and Gardens for around 1 hour or more discovery. Guided tours in Marrakech offer a sightseeing visit to Bahia Palace, a must to see in Marrakech Medina. The visit usually included El Badi Palace, Saadian tombs, Garden Majorelle, Souks, and other Marrakech Museums.

Visit Bahia Palace
Fountain inside Bahia Palace
Visit Bahia Palace
Window inside Bahia Palace
Visit Bahia Palace
Decorated door in Bahia Palace













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