Moroccan Saffon – The culture tour in Morocco

Moroccan Saffron

It is one of the most expensive plants in the world, Moroccan saffron is also known as red gold, is largely cultivated in the Taliouine region in the southeast of Morocco. The harvest is between October through December. In this region’s high altitude (1586m), Amazigh people understand well their environment, they have a better understanding of saffron farming skills without any machine involved. As a result, the relation between the people and this flower is built on dependency and respect for the fortune it brings.

To preserve unique compounds within the filaments, Ladies in these small villages gather to pick up the flowers at dawn when the sunlight hit and the flower and began to bloom. Saffron in Morocco is widely exported within Morocco and abroad as a unique production. Once the saffron is picked, the process to separate the red stigma from the purple crocus flower starts. Ladies gather around the table to provide an amazing collaboration between women in these small villages. It is not all work, women would share laughter, stories, songs in the main time.

Organic Moroccan Saffron would be dried by the sun, in the opening sky, or by machines to avoid any dust contact to ensure the best quality of the red gold that requires over 100 stigmas to produce one gram of saffron, which made this product one of the most expensive plants in the world.

With more saffron cultivation in the region of Talouin, more and more saffron cooperatives appeared to provide some of the best quality of Saffron, not only to add the best flavor for your tea but for different meals and for cosmetic and beauty reasons. Farmers who agreed to work with the cooperative, providing an annual harvest of Saffron outbidding the average price of the market.

saffron in Morocco

How to use Moroccan saffron:

Many Moroccans use Saffron in tea or in meals like Tagin, the famous Moroccan dish, or putting saffron in the hot water. The aim is to benefit from its rich vitamins and ingredients.

Saffron is a rich source of potassium which is an important element in maintaining heart health. Saffron antioxidants provide Softness and flexibility for the skin. To reveal the wound marks and dark spots in the skin as well as prevent skin rush are all the benefits of Saffron. Saffron also contains vitamin B12 that can help to treat dry lips.

Saffron is one of the best strength of your heart, that prevent the loss and protect it from the roots.

Saffron can cure common colds and coughs. It is capable of acting as an anti-inflammatory and stimulant compound. These benefits of saffron can be fruitful against asthma.

Moroccan Saffron

Moroccan saffron price:

The prices of the Moroccan saffron is varied across the year, however, it goes between 300-400$ per kilo. The best way to buy Saffron in Morocco is to drive in its original Areas where also it’s possible to do to find wholesale Moroccan saffron.

Special vacation in Morocco:

During the harvesting season, Adrar Travel offers you a special vacation in Morocco to visit the Taliouin region and explore the process of Saffron and visit the Saffron Morocco farm. This culture tour from Agadir or from Marrakech can make you experience the lifestyle of Amazigh people in the region as well during the Harvesting discovery of this unique plant, there are opportunities to get involved in the process of making saffron which will make your vacation in Morocco an unforgotten experience of a lifetime.

In addition to the cultural tours, the region offers some of the best trekking trips in Morocco, Sirwa, the highest peak in the  Anti Atlas mountains is just a few days of adventure that offer a unique landscape in amazing volcanic Mountains.





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