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It’s true that the first image that comes to your mind when you hear Morocco, is the Sahara desert, and probably the cities of Marrakech or Casablanca. What does not everyone knows is that Morocco has varied terrain and landscape, it has staining mountains, dunes, forests, beaches, and certainly a lot of lakes. In this article, we try to give you 9 of the most beautiful natural lakes, the best lakes that worth seeing, discover, and camping during your Vacation in Morocco.

There are over 135 artificial lakes and over 50 natural ones in Morocco that could provide both amazing landscapes and certain activities. However, we want to mention only some of the best natural lakes that could be a chilling place if you are traveling in Morocco especially during summer. 

Tislit lake

Tislit lake in Imilchil

Situated at 4km from Imilchil center, in the High Atlas mountains over 2200M altitude. the Lake has over 3km square which makes it the biggest natural lake in Morocco.

There are 2 important roads that lead to Imilchil and Tislit lake, the easy one is from Tinghir city in the south via the gorges of Todgha, which takes around 3 hours to drive through beautiful valleys and Villages, otherwise, if you are in the north there is the road from El Ksiba and Tizi n Isli pass.

You will not need to go on off-road to reach Tislit lake, but only a few meters, however, if you choose to spend a night, there is a small accommodation on the west side, and camping there is a wide-open space where you can safely put your tent. When it’s a clear sky, camping in the lake is just amazing! you can see the reflection of the stars, which creates a magical view.


Isli lake 

Isli lake in Imilchil

Only about 9km easy off-road from Tisli lake in Imilchil you will reach the Isli lake, a more peaceful and isolated lake at over 2200m altitude. You can easily find a spot to camp around the lake, there are several tour companies that offer overnight camping beside, however, the region of Imilchil is a very peaceful region, where you can feel safe to camp.

If you like to swim in the lake, during summertime the water is fresh and very clean, but it’s not recommended to go further.


Tamda lake

the best Lakes in Morocco- Tamda

Located 65km north of Ouarzazate city, it conceder as the highest lake in north Africa at a 2730m altitude. The lake situated in the heart of the High Atlas mountains. In addition to driving to Tighza village, it requires a trek of 2-3 hours to reach it, therefore it’s not as famous as other lakes in Morocco, but that’s what makes it more pure and very calming surroundings.

You can easily find a place to camp nearby, although it could be very cold during winter. The lake also offers a fishing opportunity for the people who love to fish.

Ifni lake

the best Lakes in Morocco/ Ifni lake

   If you are a mountain trekking lover, you can reach this amazing lake after climbing Toubkal peak, The highest peak in North Africa, it takes a 5-6 hours hike from the refuge in Toubkal crossing the pass at Tizi n’Ouanoums (3,664m) to reach Ifni Lake, the only lake in the massif, Surrounded by rocky mountains and giant heaps of rubble.

Driving to Ifni lake can be done through Amsouzart valley, the road will take you nearby the lake, then a walk of 20-30 minutes will be enough to reach the lake. Nowadays the lake Ifni becomes one of the most visited lakes by tourists, special during summertime, therefore camping by the lake is possible although it could be dangerous during rainy days. Some locals would offer a place to stay as well as some basic meals during the busy time of the year.


Aguelmam Azegza lake

best lakes in Morocco/ lake Aguelmam Azegza

One of our favorite lakes in the Middle Atlas mountains, over 62 Ha of the surface at 1474m altitude. 

A drive of 30km the Est of Khenifra will lead you to this staining natural lake in Morocco, the road is paved small road through small villages and forest, once you reach there it’s better you go farther where you can have this magical view and usually, it’s a calmer part.

The lake could be the most visited lake in the Middle Atlas during summer, you can easily find delicious Tagins offered by locals. however, during winter time it could be totally empty and it’s better you get what you need in Khenifra before you head to the Lake.

One of the best lakes where you can swim, the water is very clean and fresh during summer.


Tiguelmamine lake

lake Tiguelmamine

Tiguelmamine is a plural name for Aguelmam which means lake in the Amazigh language. 

Situated 40 kilometers from Khénifra city in the heart of the Middle Atlas, in Morocco, at 1,630m altitude. The site is classed as a national heritage monument. There is a paved small road to the lake, with a beautiful landscape. During summer there are daily local buses that can drive you to the lake.

The lake divided into two lakes with a beautiful forest of oak and cedar trees around. If you hike up, you can find a viewpoint where you can easily see that both lakes shaped as sunglasses.

There are several spots where you can camp in Tiguelmamin lake, it’s usually full of local tourists during summer, especially during weekends people tend to visit here, running away from the heat of the cities. The tranquillity and purity of the site make it a perfect place to enjoy nature, whether alone or accompanied.


Sidi Ali lake

lake Sidi Ali

Located at 2080 m altitude in the Middle Atlas mountains, one of the amazing lakes to discover in Khnifra province, a few kilometers from Timahdite village on the road between Azro and Midelt. The lake is a part of Khenifra National Park, an 842 km2 protected area created in 2008.

Usually, it’s less touristic, although you still can find caravan cars during spring, the lake has many beautiful places to camp.

This place is extremely beautiful, calm, and worth visiting if you are on your way to the Sahara desert from Fes.

 Dayet Aoua lake

Lakes in Morocco

There is easy access to this extraordinary lake, which situated in the Middle Atlas mountains, 15km north of Ifran town at an altitude of 1460m, over 100 ha of the surface, although it’s varied depending on the seasons. As with most of the lakes in Morocco, it’s busier during summertime, people would camp or do a picnic beside the lake.

The colors of the trees on the lake during autumn are breathtaking, however, depending on the season the view could totally change.

If you have enough time, there are over 4 other lakes that you can visit following the same road. 

Lake Ifrah

Lake Ifrah/ best lakes in Morocco

     One of the lakes that worth discovering in the region of Ifran, only a 30km drive from the town. Ifrah lake is one of the biggest lakes in the region with over 250ha. This beautiful lake in the Middle Atlas mountains has a unique landscape, surrounded by Oak trees, with small villages at  1650m altitude.

Because of its environmental importance, Multiple studies have been done on this lake for new perspectives for a better understanding of climate change.


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