Why you should start the tour from Tangier?

 Morocco tour from Tangier/ Why you should start the tour from Tangier?

tour in Tangier

Known as the gateway to Africa or the bride of the north, due to its rich history and its geographic position as well as economic development last few years, Tangier receives countless numbers of Visits every year. a city of unique culture and beautiful nature that can be the main reason why you should start your tour from Tangier to get best Morocco vacation package

  • Tangier is the closest city to Europe

After your vacation in Spain, you still can take a plane or a ferry to Tangier. It’s only 45 minutes by ferry to reach Morocco and be in Africa, isn’t that amazing!. However it’s close to Europe it’s totally another continent, another culture, food…

  • There is a lot to see in Tangier!

In addition to its Medina and its Kasbah that attracts tourists all over the world, Tangier has interesting Muslim and Andalusian architecture worth discovering. Once you are in Tangier don’t miss to visit The American Legation Museum and Visit St Andrew’s Church.

  • Beautiful Beaches

Tangier City is known as the border between the Medeteranien ocean and the Atlantic. By visiting the Cap Spartel you almost can see the line between both beautiful oceans. Therefore you will find nice beaches like Achakar, Plage Ba Kacem or Playa Blanca where you can enjoy the nice breeze, walk or swim during summer.

Tangier vacation is also an opportunity to discover the Hercules cave one of the landmarks of the city situated only a few km from Achakar beach.


  • Food in Tangier is incredible 

In addition to the delicious meals that you can find elsewhere in Morocco (Tagin, couscous, and  Bastila..) seafood in Tangier could be the best option! it’s a city with two oceans and has the biggest port in Africa.

tour from Tangier


There are different tours from Tangier that you may love to do. Since on the map the city is on the top of the country, you can start towards Chefchaoun and make it all the way down towards Fes and the Sahara desert while finishing the tour in Marrakech would be a great place to see the most beautiful parts of the country. If you are interested in big cities, Tangier may be your best option from where you can discover the capital of Morocco Rabat, as well as the economic capital which is Casablanca.

If you have a short time and still want to do a desert trip, well it’s possible to make 4 days tour from Tangier and discover Fes city as well as the Sahara desert of Merzouga and finish your tour in Marrakech.


  • Day trips opportunities

If you decided to stay only around the city you can still make day trips from Tangier and back to your hotel by the evening, as well you can make a short private tour there are a lot of interesting places to visit once you are in Tangier!

Titouan is only 63 km from Tangier, A favorite with traditional architecture fans and cultural lovers. Tetouan is an atmospheric city with a pretty Medina that is its prime sightseeing attraction.


Day trip to Chefchaoun: situated only in 112km on the Rif Mountains, known also as the blue city due to the main color of its houses and alleyways. A town up in the mountains with the surrounding landscape will make you enjoy its beauty!

day trip to Chefchaouen

Day trip to Akchour waterfalls:  If you are lovers of nature you can make a day trip to where you can do some hiking in Talassemtane national park. less than 95 Km from Tangier and only a few km from Chefchaouen these waterfalls are worth discovering if you love to hike in the middle of the forest! there are always opportunities to have a delicious Tagin near the river.

Akchour waterfalls











Day trip to Asilah Takes you on an excursion to this attractive town by the beach. It’s only a 45-minute drive to be there. This town, adorned with inspiring artwork, is worth a visit as it has a distinctly unique feel you won’t find elsewhere in Morocco.










  • Transportation in Tangier is the best!

There are daily ferries that go to and back to Tangier. Once you decided to come or go back to Spain there is always a way.

If you wish to take the train somewhere, there is always a train that goes from Tangier to Fes or all the way down to Casablanca and Marrakech.




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