Morocco painting tour – A unique art tour in Morocco

Morocco painting tour – A unique art tour in Morocco

Do your love to paint? If you’re into art, travel, meeting artists, learn more about Moroccan arts Join us for a unique tour to discover Moroccan arts, meet some great artists, and inspire and get inspired with our Morocco painting tour!

Morocco is the land of art and colors. It’s Where the sea meets the Atlas mountains, where this last meets the Sahara desert. It is where Amazigh, Arabs, Africans, and Europeans live in harmony. Created a unique type of culture, architecture, music, cuisine, and Art. It’s the setting of our exciting  Morocco Art tour.

Learn how to paint on our special Morocco painting tour, where we drive you to some exotic places. 11 days trip that suit every level, going deep into the Medinas, the canyons, the valleys, and the Sahara desert. This painting trip is not only to Discover the inspiration of artists like you but also to Visit the highlights of Morocco. Test the local cuisine of every region with a bunch of activities such as camel riding, short hikes, and photographing.


Morocco painting tour Painting workshop Morocco

Overview of the painting workshop vacation in Morocco:

  • Duration: 11 days/10 nights
  • Departure: Marrakech or Casablanca
  • Arrival: Marrakech or Casablanca
  • Artist: Moha Mallal – Hafida Zizi – Fatima Mallal – Johanna&Lahcen Mahmoudi – Moha Mallal – Abderrahim Hamza


Painting tour Morocco Morocco painting trip painting holiday Morocco

Painting tour in Morocco

Itinerary :

1st day: Marrakech 

2nd day: Guided tour and painting workshop in Marrakech

3rd day: Marrakech day trip to Essaouira + Workshop with a local artist

4th day: Essaouira to Ait Ben haddou

5th day: Workshop with Hafida Zizi in Ait Ben Haddou-  Drive to Dades

6th day: Workshop with Fatima Mallal at Dades valley

7th day: Dades to Todgha gorges and Merzouga Sahara desert

8th day: Painting Workshop in the Sahara desert with the artist Lahcen Mahmoudi and Johanna

9th day: Merzouga to Draa valley to Ouarzazate

10 day: Ouarzazate to Marrakech

11th day: Departure

Morocco desert tours rose valley

What to expect from the Painting workshop vacation in Morocco?

  • Each day you will enjoy artistic and cultural experiences including painting workshops in several places in Morocco
  • This particular painting trip also allows you to explore the best gardens, museums, art galleries
  • We organize this trip for beginners and professionals of all ages.
  • You will leave Morocco with such great skills in different kinds of painting
  • Different artists are opening their homes and art shops for you and even can join you in your Riad/hotel to do the workshops with you
  • Workshops are organized indoors and outdoors with lots of discussions and lots of painting times and individual attention
  • Morocco painting trip led by professional drivers and guides who are always here to inlight your painting experience


Great artists are welcoming you for this unique experience in our painting tour in Morocco!

Hafida Zizi

Born in 1976 in Aghbala, Beni Mellal. Hafida Zizi is a self-taught painter. Since her mother introduced her to carpet weaving, she discovered a passion for colors through the dyeing of wool. In time, this passion will blossom.

Mainly encouraged by her brother Rachid ZIZI, a former student of the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca, she really began to paint at the age of 28. Her work is strongly inspired by the works of the late Chaïbia Talal, particularly in her use of colors and her free and “naive” character which rejects academicism and which she can dare anything.

Her works reflect the daily life of Moroccan women of a certain period, that experienced by the artist in her early youth, in a popular environment. We also recognize in his work the influence of two Moroccan painters: Fatima Hassan and Fatna Gbouri. To unveil her work for the first time, Hafida Zizi decided to hold her first personal exhibition in 2011 in her home village: Imilchil. She then exhibited in Casablanca and Marrakech.

Hafida is an example of a revolutionary woman, a self-taught Moroccan painter, recognized worldwide for her work in naive Moroccan art. She’s now based in Ksar Ait Ben Haddou, Ouarzazate, Morocco. Always ready to host you in her art shop and share her experience and passion with you! and ready to inlight your painting workshop vacation in Morocco.

Fatima Mallal - Adrar Travel Fatima Mallal:

An Amazigh artist who peacefully leads her daily routine in the beautiful Dades Valley was discovered by a Swiss visiting the region. Dazzled by the naive and natural canvases of Fatima Mallal, she suggested that she exhibit on the picture rails of Bernhard Ishan, in Zurich.

Spain, the USA, Bahrain, Holland, Austria, Belgium, and several Moroccan galleries will subsequently see the artist’s paintings hung.

Recently Fatima is also the manager of Monkey Fingers House. Situated in the heart of Dades valley, where also she has her art shop with an inspiring landscape all around. Fatima hosts artists, families, and travelers indoors and outdoors for painting workshops. She is welcoming everyone in Dades valley for this unique art tour in Morocco

Lahcen Mahmoudi

Johanna&Lahcen Mahmoudi: 

Once upon a time… an encounter.

Johanna, the French Painter, and Lahcen Mahmoudi, the Moroccan Painter… two styles, with the same passion.

United in life as in art, together they realized their dream of creating an unusual artistic space at the gates of the Moroccan desert.

It is on the sand of the Sahara desert that Lahcen Mahmoudi drew his first sketches and it is quite natural that Art imposed itself on him and that it became his universal expression.

His resolutely abstract painting combines dazzling colors and Arab-Berber symbols.

This lovely couple is welcoming you into the Sahara desert, they are our Moroccan painting tour artists in the dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Abderrahim Hamza:

Morocco painting trip

Born March 3, 1977, in Aghbala (Middle Atlas), Abderrahim Hamza is a multidisciplinary Moroccan artist.

His first exhibition dates back to 1999 in the city of Meknes.
He develops his calligraphic art that the other city sees hatch in its most famous and prestigious spaces where he has taken up residence, after a long career as a performing musician, resulting in nine albums of Amazigh music.

The artist took advantage of opportunities for local and international renown and immersed himself in the creative atmosphere to refine his plastic choices. This is felt a lot in front of his creations; the multiple aesthetic choices that draw on ancestral and common Arab, Andalusian, Jewish, and Amazigh cultures only for the truth of its supports and production techniques.

With great constancy and regularity, Hamza unfolds his know-how with this generosity and warmth that make the particularity of his plastic work that everyone knows him.

Abderrahim is our Morocco painting tour artist in Marrakech.


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