Why you should travel to Morocco

Why you should travel to Morocco?

Morocco is the land of god, the name brought Marrakech which also brought from two the Berber words, Amur -Akech which means the land of god!. Due to its diversity of landscape, the hospitality of people, and the unique culture. Traveling to Morocco will introduce you to African culture combined with a unique Amazigh (Berber) culture with Arabic, and European influence. This county of over 35 million population become one of the best destinations for travelers to the African continent.

Vacation to Morocco maybe a relaxing trip to one of its amazing beaches, or an adventure to the Sahara desert, or a sightseeing tour if you love history and culture. Tourists visit Morocco for different reasons, SO WHY YOU SHOULD TRAVEL TO MOROCCO?

What makes Morocco Unique?

A varied beautiful landscape!

Morocco is quite a paradise when it comes to the landscape. From crowded vibrant cities with ancient history and colorful markets ( souks) to amazing oceans of the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranian, the green forest and high mountains, to the big dunes of the Sahara desert. All this diversity of landscape made Morocco a place where you can enjoy any type of vacation/holiday you are looking for.

What is Morocco known for?

There is almost a place where you can exercise any activity you are looking for. Mountain biking or Rock climbing and hiking in the Atlas mountain will make your mountain holiday exceptional if you are in Love with such adventures.

You can enjoy windsurfing in Essaouria and Taghazout. If you love to swim there are a lot of nice beaches in Morocco, Visit Agadir, Tangier or Essaidia for the best relaxing beaches during summer. Do you travel for a special passion?  Name it and surely you will find where to do it!

The Sahara desert offers you a unique experience in Camel riding, quad biking, camping and so much more!



Sahara desert tour Moroccan beach

Is Morocco a safe country?

Often the question is Morocco safe to travel to? is what we hear and the answer is Yes! it’s a very safe country, with no war or religious problems, people are welcoming strangers from all over the world and they don’t mind opening their homes to anyone who may need it.

Is it safe to travel alone in Morocco? 

As a tour company, we deal with individuals all the time. Traveling along during your vacation to Morocco may be a bet hard special for a female traveler. However, If you are alone it’s better to book your Morocco tour with a tour company, especially if it’s your first time. It may be hard to deal with awkward situations and maybe you will face a lot more harassment which can be avoided completely if you have a tour guide.


Morocco has a beautiful culture!

why you should travel to Morocco

It feels amazing when people are amazing!

Moroccans tend to like strangers, therefore you will be surprised how people are friendly all over the country! hospitality is known as a value that Moroccans has during all history! you may be surprised once you go deep in very remote areas where Moroccan Nomads invite you for tea! and that’s very normal to show that kind of duty to strangers.

Either when you visit a Moroccan Music festival or Moroccan wedding, or just in the streets, you will notice how the culture is charming, varied, and warm. Prepare to hear “Marhaba” everywhere! it means welcome.


Morocco has a delicious Food 

How is food in Morocco??

Morocco is full of favors that are new to travelers, there are over 20 dishes that are worth trying when traveling to Morocco. Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Amazigh( Berber), Jewish, Arab, European cultures which made it yummy!.

Tagin dish has a special flavor, it’s healthy food you can try everywhere you go in Morocco. The cuisine in Morocco is varied from a region to another. It is the best especially if you love street food!! Tangia, Couscous Harira, Bastila Harisa…all are delicious street food that you can enjoy while traveling in Morocco.

what to buy in Morocco Morocan food


Morocco offers amazing tours and vacations:

3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

Either a full Morocco tour package or a day excursion is something you can find in every city in Morocco. The desert tours from Marrakech are daily available for travelers that seek an adventure in the Sahara desert or just visit other cities, valleys around the red city of Marrakech, or other cities.

During your traveling to Morocco, you can hire a car with an English-speaking driver who will show you the best what Morocco can offer. Morocco tours from Casablanca or elsewhere can stand for two to three weeks to explore different regions and experience all that Morocco can offer.

There are so many ways to explore Morocco, from on hand there is public transport available from trains, buses, and taxis. On the other hand, there is a fully traveling package that you can easily get wherever you are.

Reasons not to visit Morocco?

There is NONE, as in any country in the world there may be difficulties and bad experiences that you may read in some traveling blogs. But certainly, Morocco offers a 99% great experience for any traveler so don’t let anyone reject you from visiting this amazing country. We recommended reading our post tips before you travel to Morocco to make your vacation easy.




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