Atlas mountains trips, The hidden natural attractions in Morocco

Atlas mountains trips, The hidden natural attractions in Morocco

Atlas Mountain hosts some of the unique and hidden natural landscapes in Morocco, From valleys, gorges, lakes, forests, and mountain peaks that challenge a lot of hikers every year. Travelers are aware of how beautiful it is to take go for a day trip from Marrakech to Ourika Valley, Imlil, and Ouzoud waterfalls, but such Atlas mountain trips require over 2 days to explore and get the best of it.

Some parts of the Atlas Mountains are incredible destinations that regular tourists miss. That’s Not the type of vacation that everybody prompts, but still, it is the best for nature lovers that seek a unique experience during hiking in Morocco or just on a road trip to meet locals and discover their culture.

Atlas mountain trips can take you deep into hidden valleys, where the culture is authentic and pure. where you can exercise your passion either rock climbing or hiking or just connect with nature in your own way.

Ait Bouguemez valley:


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known also as the happy valley in Morocco, This valley is some of the best natural attractions in Morocco, Where you can spend a few days in the middle of authentic villages. Guesthouses here offer warm hospitality for travelers while the terrain is all yours to explore your way. Most of all trekking trips to Mgoun 4068m start from this valley if you’re into hiking.

If it’s only a chilling trip in nature you’re seeking, make sure to get the view from the top of Sidi Mousa granary, it’s an absolutely break-taking landscape after a 40 minutes hike.

On 2 days tour from Marrakech to Ait Bouguemez, you already can get staining views and a bunch of experiences in the High Atlas mountains.

Taghia Zaouira Ahnsal:


Zaouit Ahnsal is only one hour drive from Ait Bouguemez Valley. This area is a top destination for rock climbing in Morocco. These gorges are a peaceful place to explore the nature of the Atlas mountains either alone or with your family. If you are into hiking go for the “Berber Path” locally known as Achaabou, considered one of the most dangerous mountain paths in the world that 100s of travelers take as a challenge every year.

Taghia gorges have some gite d’etape (guest houses ) that offer warm beds and meals while you can explore the surroundings and immerse yourself in the lifestyle of Amazigh people.

Amsefran- Cathedral:


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For nature lovers, Amsefan is a natural sight not to be missed. The pin tress forest and the Assif Malloul River made this region a very unique natural place to explore in Morocco. Amssefran Summit 1868m hosts 100s of travelers from different cities in Morocco. The hike takes over 4 hours within a well-built path. 



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Imilchil is a small town located in the Atlas mountains, at an elevation of 2119 m altitude. In a few kilometers driving from the town, some of the best Lakes in Morocco stand out, where you can camp and even enjoy a swim in the summertime. Tislit and Isli lakes are some of the largest lakes that offer a peaceful natural atmosphere for any visitor. 

For hiking lovers, Imilchil offers some of the exotic hikes in the Atlas mountains including the peak of Amalou at 3013m altitude and the peak of Bab N Ouayad at 2804m.

In addition to the beautiful Nature in Imilchil, the region hosts the one of big festivals in the Atlas mountains, the Imilchil wedding festival, where you can explore the varied Tribes of the region.

If you wish for a Road trip to Imilchil and around the most exotic natural sights in the Atlas mountains, then here is the tour for you:  7 days vacation from Marrakech

Todgha gorges:


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One of the highlights of southeast Morocco that Most of the Sahara desert tours would visit on their way to Erg Chebbi. Todgha has a beautiful valley where you can enjoy walking in the fields. If you are into Rock climbing, this is the place you definitely wanna visit.

You can hike for a few hours in Todgha gorges, the 3 Hours hike circle offers a unique experience to visit the Nomads of Morocco as well as a charming landscape of the valley before you head back to your lodge in Todgha.


Plateau Yagour:

Yagour is a mountain in the High Atlas south of Marrakech, from Ourika Valley you can hike for 5 hours to reach this beautiful place. Camping in Yagour is a unique experience to do if you wish to explore the nature of Morocco. It is around 2400M high, and often Nomads of the Atlas Mountain graze their animals in the region. Trekking to Yagour Plateau is one of the best Atlas mountain trips you can do by yourself or with a guide.





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