Private Moroccan Sahara desert tours

Private Moroccan Sahara desert tours

Private Moroccan Sahara desert tours are the best way to explore Morocco. In a way it’s comfortable to do a private Morocco tour with a driver who speaks your language, through him, you may learn a lot about Morocco’s history and culture. Adrar Travel as most of the tour companies would start the tour from different cities. Starting from the door of your hotel or from the airport depending on the traveler’s preference. There are short desert tours from Marrakech or Fes that stand for two days, while there are 12 days long desert tours that combine and cover different cities, valleys, and villages…

The Famous short desert trip stands for 2 days/one night and can be made from Fes to Merzouga desert, or from Marrakech to Zagora desert. Both offer an experience to be in the Sahara, doing the camel trek, and spending a night in a desert camp. However, the best way to discover the Sahara is to take a tour of 3 days or 4 days which allows you to chill on your way instead of going and coming back on the same road.

As a traveler for the first time, you may find it very hard to choose between traveling companies that offer the same Sahara desert tours, but don’t worry about it, every company is trying hard to do the best services. They are mostly doing a great job when it comes to taking care of you. It’s better to book your Morocco desert tour from a company with a good review on Tripadvisor or a recommendation from someone you know.

There is also group shared tours daily that go from different cities, although we do recommend private tours. It’s more chilling and has more professional guides and drivers. Private Sahara tours may raise the price to cover the high-quality service, the comfortable car, and other vacation requirements yet it’s the best way to explore the Sahara.


Camel riding during the desert tours:

Sahara desert Of Morocco

The camels in Morocco are all dromedaries, well trained to take the travelers for a few hours to reach the camp, or just to go farther on the dunes to enjoy the sunset and then back to the hotel. Most travelers would enjoy camel riding as long as it is not windy. Which happens sometimes, or as long as it’s not for too long. As it uses to be for all history, camels use to travel with a load on their back, taking people or products as a caravan while crossing the Sahara. Nowadays it is almost the only job for the camel besides making more babies.

Attached to each other as a caravan with the camel guide in front of the ride. It is a smooth activity to do while Visiting the Sahara desert. In Tourism, camels are very used in Morocco, to ride, or for curry language during trekking in the Sahara.

Do people eat camel? The answer is Yes! The camel is part of the diet in several countries including Morocco. It’s not provided everywhere, mostly you can find camel meat in Fes, Rissani, and southwest cities like Laayoune and Dakhla.

Camels are never wild in Morocco, but it’s very normal to observe the camel along the way in the Sahara region. Often without a shepherd and that’s fine, the owners usually let them eat in the wild even for a few days.

Desert camps in Morocco:

2 days tour from Fes to Merzouga
Luxury camp in Merzouga Sahara desert


It’s also known also as the Berber camps before it uses to be standard camps. Where a tent with a mattress, blankets, and shared toilet is provided. Nowadays there are luxury camps in both Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga. The camp has every facility that you may think of, such as a comfortable bed, private toilet and shower, lights, and even A/C AND WIFI.

The desert camp has lately been banned to be settled in the middle of the dunes in the Merzouga desert. To preserve the environment and to keep the dune Virgen clean.  Most of the camps now are around the dunes but are still conceded as middle. Can be reached by driving a 4wd car like Toyota if you are aware of how to drive which is often hard and require experience.

Transport for the private desert tours:

Morocco desert tour

Most of the cars are Toyota and Mitsubishi that companies use for such tours, Very comfortable vehicles that carry over 4 persons with a private driver, who usually speaks your language, although a tour in Morocco can be with a bus if it’s a group. If you are driving to the Merzouga desert it’s all a paved road to the Edge of the  Erg Chebbi dunes.

The 4wd cars can be the best option if you wish to do a private Sahara tour in Morocco, offers opportunities to drive offroad from time to time inside the valleys or in harsh terrains once you decided to visit some deserts such as  Erg Chegaga.

Photo breaks:

Make your camera closeby, because you will be surprised how many beautiful sites and view you may want to take a memorable photo of, your driver knows the spectacular spots for photos, therefore you don’t need to ask! he will naturally offer you breaks along the way especially if it’s not rush short desert tour.

Hotels during your private Moroccan desert tour:

beautiful hotels in the south of Morocco

Most of the traveling companies that offer a Sahara tour package, cover the hotels every night, however, you can always choose your hotels during your Morocco Sahara tour. Morocco has beautiful hotels that staining views and often beautiful architecture. In The Medina, there are typical hotels called Riads, they are very authentic and decorated with mosaic and zellij, definitely, it’s the type of accommodations you need during your stay in Marrakech or Fes.

Hotels can take different names, such as Kasbahs, Hotel, Auberges, and Riads. depending on the style and the location of the accommodation. Hotels in Morocco can be very standard and cheap or luxury expensive or medium depending on your budget, although if you visit some remote areas in Morocco you may find it hard to find luxury hotels, standard hotels are available almost everywhere you go.

Meals :

Morocco cuisine has a lot to offer, Its delicious Tagine and Couscous are pretty famous, During your Moroccan Sahara desert tours, there are restaurants almost everywhere, where you can have lunch or enjoy a cafe break. Your driver can recommend where to find a very clean Moroccan restaurant that offers quick meals along the way. On every road, there are some very busy restaurants, they are usually full because of their services, which help you to get to your destination in time. The meals cost from 6-15 euros depending on where you stop.

Most of the tour companies would stop for you where it’s clean and where you can eat fast enough to follow your private Morocco tour Schedule.

Toilet during your desert trip:

You may need a clean toilet on the way. Don’t worry! there are toilets everywhere! In all of the tourist regions, you will find a modern toilet every one/two hours, usually, the restaurants charge 2-5 dirhams for using the toilet except if you stop for a drink then mostly it’s free to use it.

If you are on a trip in the deep Atlas mountains or isolated desert it would be sometimes hard to find a toilet, so you better take toilet paper with you, so you can use a natural toilet during the Moroccan vacation package.

Ergs or the famous dunes in Morocco:

3 days desert tour from Fes to Sahara desert

Erg is a broad, flat area of desert covered with wind-swept sand with little or no vegetative cover, the name given to where the sand dunes are collected. There are a lot of Ergs in Morocco depending on the region where your Sahara tour is going.

Erg Chegaga: Situated deep south of the valley of the Draa, one of the isolated Sahara dunes that require a drive of a couple of days from Marrakech and a couple of hours driving off-road to reach this magical dune. A 3 or 4 days tour from Agadir can be enough also if you are landed in Agadir and want to experience the beauty of the Sahara.

Erg Chebbi: known also as the Sahara of Merzouga, named after this big town nearby, where most of the hotels are situated and where the camel trekking starts towards the red dune. The paved road will lead you to Merzouga although if you require a unique experience to spend a night in one of its luxury camps you need to ride the camels for hours or so. Most of the Sahara tours from Fes would bring travelers here before they continue to Marrakech.

Famous tours in Morocco:

Depending on your arrival there are tours that offer in every city, If you start your tours from Tangieryou can start visiting Chefchaouen and head to Fes to enrich your experience before you head down to the Sahara desert.

If you start your  Morocco tour from Casablanca it would take more than 4 days to be in the Sahara desert, however, Casablanca has the biggest Airport, and only 3 hours drive can be enough to reach and visit Marrakech.

Famous Morrocan Sahara desert tours are Marrakech desert tours 3 days or 3 days desert tours from Fes to Marrakech. These trips stand for 3 days/2 and nights, they are connected to both Marrakech and Fes while you still can have a desert experience on your way, one night to spend in a camp with camel riding opportunity, or even other activities that the Sahara offers such as quade biking and sand surfing. The other night is mostly in one of the valleys Dades Valley, Roses Valley, or Todgha gorges.

3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes If you wish to connect both these two beautiful touristic cities while having the Sahara desert experience on your way.




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