Imlil valley and what to experience for a day trip from Marrakech?

Imlil valley and what to experience for a day trip from Marrakech

Test the adventure in the Atlas mountain for a full day trip From Marrakech

100% exploration of the Atlas mountains. Morocco adventure for the lovers of nature or hiking or exploring paragliding in Marrakech!

Marrakech to Imlil day tour


Imlil valley and what to experience for a day trip from Marrakech? what to do around Marrakech city?

Imlil is one of the best Mountain valleys to visit in the Atlas mountains, Not only because of the superb Environment, which you can feel in the air but the warmth of Berber Amazigh culture and adventure outlook of the more than 20 villages around. A place for escaping the oppressive summer of Marrakech and it’s a true “let’s have a fun day trip” full of activities, and discovery. Marrakech to Imlil day tour will be guided by one of our experts who will introduce you to experience mule riding, Hiking in the Atlas mountains, and Paragliding near Lalla Takerkoust. A Full-day trip of adventure in the lands and in the Air! Imlil day trip is our answer for what to experience for a day trip from Marrakech!?

Seasons inside the valley of Imlil can give travelers different adventures and different landscapes. During summer it’s sunny and cool and during winter it is a cold and white view all around. While During Autumn when the trees of walnuts, cheers, prunes change their colors before they full down it’s totally a different gallery or art of mother nature.

Marrakech to Imlil day tour highlights:

  • Explore the beauty of the Atlas mountains
  • 2 hours hiking in Atlas mountains
  • Lunch in a guest house
  • Mule riding
  • Paragliding in Lalla Takerkoust

Imlil day tour details:

By 8 am we will start our day excursion to Imlil valley, Our guide will pick you up from your Riad/hotel and start driving direction to the Atlas mountains. Time to explore the nature of Moroccan mountains, on the way stopping for pictures for the amazing landscape that varies from a season to another is always provided. Arriving at Imil, the village beneath Toubkal peak, we meet our mules and ride up for 30 minutes. Later on, we hike to explore the small waterfalls of Imil where fresh orange juice is waiting for you!

Riding the mules again to reach our guest house, with its simplicity and breathtaking landscape. Enjoy the delicious Tagine with a mint tea At the Amazigh (Berber) guest house.

After lunch, Time to hike again with your guide for 30 Minutes to reach Imlil center village again, Then drive to Lalla Takerkoust.

Lalla Takerkoust Paragliding: Our adventure in the Air

paragliding in Marrakech

A cool adventure to try, for the first time it’s even greater. After our lunch in a local house, We drive to Lalla Takerkouse, a village and a dum that holds the same name, the drive to the uphill where our paragliding around Marrakech experience start, Enjoying with some stunning views of the Atlas mountains view and dry desertic landscape around the Moroccan lake Lalla Takerkoust and Agafay desert

Take the road back to Marrakech from Takerkous, 45 minutes to continue your Morocco adventures day trip with our Active day trip to Imlil.

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