Is it the best time to visit Morocco/Travel guide

is it the best time to visit Morocco?

Coming to Morocco and wondering what is the best time to visit. Morocco is unique in its exotic Medinas, the warm hospitality of the Amazigh people, rich history, and the vast Sahara desert. Depending on which vacation are you looking for, traveling to Morocco in 2022 can be great to explore every season.

Is it the best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Marrakech:

Like most travel bloggers, We would recommend Traveling to Marrakech in April which is an obvious truth, that’s a perfect season to travel all around Morocco when the weather is warm but pleasant.

If you are interested in a desert tour from Marrakech avoid coming in summer ( between June and September). The average temps in the red city are the 70s to low 90s, Which is a lot hotter for you if you live in cold regions such as UK or Northern Europe.

According to Lonely Planet, Summertime would be the best time for low prices and discounts. Also to attend some big festivals in Morocco you need to do only in the Summer months such as the Popular Art Festival in July.

Travel to Morocco in 2022?

After a serious crisis in the Tourism sector due to the pandemic like the case everywhere in the world. Morocco opened its borders again starting from 7th February 2022. Exactly the beginning of the high season which would be an amazing time to travel to Morocco.

Hotels and Tours are cheaper, Now it would be easier to travel all around the country with a small budget.

In addition to that, If you like to enjoy the highlights of Morocco with no hectic crowd, and tourists all around, 2022 will be the best time for you to visit this exotic country.

For any updates about traveling to Morocco in 2022, it’s great to check your embassy website before coming.

What season is good for Traveling to Morocco?

We all What to travel during a good/right time to a different country, what season it is in Morocco?  is an important question that comes to our mind, in addition to the bush of other questions about how safe Morocco is. and so on.  Spring and Autumn are the best periods to enjoy your vacation in Morocco, Spring in Morocco is between March and May while Autumn is between September and November. Usually, it’s the best time for any type of traveling you are interested in doing. You can climb the peak of Toubkal, go for a homestay, or a road trip and still find spring is the ideal time to enjoy Morocco more.

Don’t forget That Morocco has two coastlines, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, therefore if you enjoy beach activities, Summertime by the beach is the Okey, no matter how can it is in some parts of the country, the coast is always fascinating weather all the year-round. Taghazout Beach near Agadir or around Essaouira would be the best place to enjoy windsurfing or other beach activities.

As you can see in any season there are a lot of things to do in Morocco. If you are passionate about East culture and want to visit Morocco but are worried that your working schedule will not let you take the trip in your favorite season you can read these tips on how to make money at home from, so you can work remotely and choose any season you like

Whether in Morocco: 

Morocco can be hot in summer, and cold in winter with an average temperature in other seasons. We couldn’t find specific weather for travelers to Morocco the way it is described by Intrepid Travel in this article.

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