Summer vacations in Morocco

Summer vacations in Morocco

Summer in Morocco could be hot reaching 30-45° in some cities, especially the cities in the south such as Marrakech and the Sahara desert. However, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this beautiful county. To enjoy Your summer vacation in Morocco there are some best destinations in the country and you won’t feel the heat. Make sure to include the beaches, mountainous cities like Ifran, Chefchaouen, and the Atlas and Rif mountains.

Traveling at the best time to visit Morocco is not convenient for everyone! therefore we provide this article for those who are interested In summer travels only.

Is Morocco nice in Summer?

Morocco is always nice!!

Depending on where you are doing on holiday in Morocco you may have different experiences and types of weather. It’s absolutely hot in the Sahara desert, yet you can enjoy your Sahara tour during summer if you are okay with the heat, but also you can head to some Alternative places that can provide entertainment during summer such as the Atlantic Ocean or go deep into the Atlas mountains where you can camp beside lakes or rivers.

Conceders visiting Morocco during summer is a unique way to get a good discount on all traveling activities and accommodations. Probably it’s the only way to have some fruits such as figs, dates, and watermelon…, Summer is when some great festivals happen in addition to getting different other colors or landscapes totally different than other seasons.

Trekking in the Rif mountains can also be the best way to spend the summer vacation in Morocco!

The beach and the coastline:


If you are landing in Marrakech Don’t miss a day trip to Essaouira, This town by the coast is pretty amazing during summer. Usually has a cool breeze and so many beach activities to enjoy your Summer Morocco vacation.

Agadir remains one of the best cities to visit during summer If you love the beach along with all the coastline to Elgzira and Sidi Ifni.

The Mediterranean ocean also provides some amazing beaches to relax. Conceder visiting some best beaches in north Morocco such as  Playa Blanca in Tangier or Matadero beach in El Hociama.

The Atlas mountains and valleys:

Atlas mountain tripsOurika valley

Although the heat of summer is in a different part of the country, The Atlas mountains could be chilly and cold during summer evenings. If you are into hiking, The Atlas Mountains is your place to spend your summer vacation. Hike into the green valleys where the air is fresh, discover the culture of the Amazigh Berber people, and have swimming opportunities in the rivers.

Visit our article on the best mountain valleys in Morocco to get more information.

Waterfalls in Morocco:

Weather in Morocco during summerAkchour waterfalls

Visiting waterfalls during summer is one of the best Morocco vacation ideas to escape the heat and still enjoy your time.

Ouzoud waterfalls take only 3 hours drive from Marrakech, situated in the middle of Atlas mountains.  Ouzoud waterfalls offer you a special discovery during summer. Enjoy a boat ride to the falls, have a delicious Tagine with a special view, and observe the Barbary Apes while walking around.

Akchour Waterfalls are just a few hours drive from Tangier, It is always nice to go for a hike in the national park of Talassemtane, where nature is breathtaking. The weather is mostly great during July and August. After visiting Akchour you may need to go to the blue city of Chefchaouen for a chilled evening.

Homestay with nomads:

Morocco culture tourMorocco homestay

Do you know that nomads always seek good weather? Yes, usually they would move to the high land during summer when the region of the Sahara is hot. Nomads would travel to their pastures for 3 months of summer when it’s usually fantastic weather during summer.

Adrar Travel offers you the unique experience to stay with a family of Amazigh Berber nomads, where you get to explore the last nomads in Morocco, their lifestyle and so much more. 

Moroccan Lakes tour:

Tislit lake in ImilchilThe best lakes in Morocco


Visiting and camping near some of the best lakes in Morocco is absolutely an amazing way to spend a great vacation. some lakes are situated at over 2000m alt which has great weather during summer.

We invite lovers of camping and lakes adventure to our Morocco lakes tour. You can visit up to 5 lakes and camp beside them. A true experience in the wild of Morocco.



Conceder visiting Morocco Green Tours for Eco-friendly tours in Morocco

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