5 best treks in Morocco/Trekking in Morocco

Morocco becomes one of the best destinations for tourism in the world. The Sahara desert trips are among the first activity that tourists are attracted to, but trekking surprisingly is the second activity when you know that Morocco Atlas mountain and Rif mountains have over 10 peaks with more than 3500m high, over 10 national parks, a staining Lakes, and unique mountain culture.

Morocco has the second highest peak in  North Africa, the peak of Toubkal 4168m which makes The treks in this country a unique experience to explore nature and the Berber culture since almost every valley has Berber Amazigh villages and communities. Here are the 5 best treks in Morocco, the famous and the top trekking trips according to our personal experience, although we are certain that there are some other beautiful mountains valleys, and peaks worth discovering.

trekking in Saghro mountains

Trekking in Morocco




Trekking in Toubkal national parktrekking Mountains- 5 best treks in Morocco

The amazingly beautiful trek that can take only 2 days from Marrakech to be in the second-highest summit in North Africa, Toubkal peak with 4168m Altitude. The trek around in Toubkal national park and the summit can be a challenging week that will introduce you to a varied landscape of valleys, peaks, passes, and the unique culture of Amazigh ( Berbers). Most of the treks start in Imlil small village, however, you can start the trek in several Areas. During wintertime when the trails are thick with snow, Hiking Toubkal could require seriously hard, requiring special gear and skills.

There are two refuges in the middle of the path, which helps a lot to stop for a hot meal and a warm bed/ shower before you head to the peak on the other day. if you have more days we recommend visiting the lake of Ifni on the other side of the mountain, after crossing Tizi n Ouanoumse.


Trekking Talassemtane National ParkTalassemtane national park trek

The trek in Tassamtane national park is a tempting vacation in Morocco, the Area is at its best at the beginning of summer. When you can observe some unique fauna and flora. There are different treks around the park, where you can start the hike, but according to our experience starting from Chefchaouen, a trek for 4-5 days will be enough to get the best of the landscape while you can end your hike in Akchour waterfalls.

The park of Talassemtane is a home for cannabis production in Morocco, walking beside the fields of Cannabis is definitely a unique trekking trip that you can not find elsewhere.


Treks in MoroccoMgoun trekking

The best way to hike Mgoun peak is to start from Ait Bouguemez valley, after a few hour’s drive from Marrakech.  Mgoun trek conceder the hardest trekking trip in Morocco, especially when you decide to visit the peak of Mgoun 4067m altitude during winter. The peak of Mgoun is hardly an achievement before you reach the peak it could be very windy and during the snowing period, it’s a big challenge.

Mgoun trekking trip required a week of time if you decided to follow the valley of Mgoun and ends in Boutghrar, not far from the valley of Roses in the southern part of the mountain chain. During the trek, you will discover the charming culture of Amazigh ( Berber) people who exercise small agriculture along the river. If you choose to follow the valley don’t miss to cross the gorges of Mgoun, and prepare to walk in the water, it’s one of the highlights of this week of trekking here.


trekking in Saghro mountainsTrekking in Jbel Saghro

know also as Jbel Saghro, a chain of mountains in the southeast of Morocco, a volcanic mountain with over 100km long, the highest peak is Amalou n Mansour at 2712m. Saghro knows as the land of the Ait Atta tribe, one of the biggest tribes in Morocco. Trekking in Jbel Saghro mostly stands for a week, starting either in Tagdilte villages or from Nkob. It’s famous to Cross this exotic volcanic mountain from north to south or the other way around during wintertime when most of the High Atlas mountain is full of snow, Saghro would be an amazing choice. In addition to the beautiful landscape, the nomad lifestyle in this mountain is fascinating and worth discovering.

Like most of the mountain treks, the companies used mules for transportation of the luggage. there are no accommodations in Saghro although you can still find small “Gite d’etape” in few places like Ighazzoun, Bab n Ali and Handour village, however, camping or homestay in Saghro is what most traveling companies offer during this adventure.



Chegaga trekking- 5 best treks in MoroccoTrekking in the Sahara desert

Lately, trekking in the Sahara desert or camel trekking as it refers to often, become well known in different regions. Trekking in the Sahara during winter and spring is absolutely gorgeous experience and totally different than treks and hikes in the mountains. It is a semi yoga experience when you are walking in the empty wild desert.

Desert trekking offers a real sense of space and remoteness, especially when witnessed from the tops of the vast dune fields. Most of the treks would be a week of peaceful adventure special in Chegaga dunes. To be accompanied by camels carrying your luggage is already a trip into the past history when people had been using camels to trade crossing the Sahara for thousands of kilometers to different countries including Morocco.

Camping in the desert has not only offers a peaceful mindset, but the starry sky of the Sahara is definitely a magical experience of a lifetime.


trekking in MoroccoNeed to know:

Always make sure to either book your trekking trip in Morocco with an expert tour company. Otherwise, hire a qualified guide for your hiking trails and for your safety. Most of the professional guides in Morocco are certificated in CFAMM ( center de formation aux metiers Montagne) and they have a professional card or a badge.

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