Sahara desert excursions in Morocco

Sahara desert excursions in Morocco

Most travelers to north Africa would love to see the magical dunes of the Sahara. It could be on the top list of every adventurous person on earth. To discover the emptiness and the silence of the mysterious dunes and dry landscape. Sahara desert excursion in Morocco would do the job, not only to offer you the best experience to discover the valleys, oases, and Kasbahs. But also to offer you a magical starry night in the middle of the Sahara Dunes in Morocco and do different activities while traveling in Morocco.

From Marrakech, you can start your trip to Erg Chebbi dunes, the best dunes in the country. 3 days desert trip can be enough to visit most of the highlights of southeast Morocco. If you wish for a wilder and more adventurous desert excursion then Erg Chigaga would be convenient to drive more off-road and be in the vast Sahara landscape.

Is the Sahara desert in Morocco safe?

Erg Chigaga dunes

From a foreign perspective, as we hear, the Sahara is in the middle of nowhere, But nowhere is always somewhere. Where people still live in little communities, where it’s home for Berber nomads. Mostly Berber Amazigh in small towns and little villages along the borders with the neighborhood of Algeria. Overall Berber people are one of the most hospitable humans on earth.  They have kept the region safe and they always struggle to remain a welcoming attitude and warmth of hospitality.

The Morocco Sahara excursions are widely known in Morocco at the moment. 80% of the people who travel to Morocco wouldn’t Sahara desert trip to Erg Chebbi or Erg Chegaga which is conceded as the best destination for Sahara desert excursions in Morocco. these hug dunes currently offer high-quality services either in activities that you can do in the Sahara or just an accommodation for spending a night in a luxury desert camp or a nice hotel nearby the dunes.

How to visit the Sahara desert in Morocco?

Nowadays traveling become as easy as drinking tea, and desert trips offered by companies are the best way to explore the Sahara in a few days without worries about which road to take or when to arrive. Sahara desert excursions in Morocco daily start from Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, and other cities.

It’s also very safe to drive by yourself and explore the Sahara in a few days. You can rent a car or use local buses to reach most of the Sahara regions.

for those who travel on a budget, the Shared desert tours in Marrakech can offer a basic experience to enjoy a night in the Sahara and back.

How to enjoy the Sahara desert safari:

Sahara desert tours Morocco

Going on a desert excursion can be really fun, how?  make sure to contact Adrar Travel we go lots of experiences to offer you in different regions. 

Go for camel trekking in the Sahara one of the unique experiences we offer you is to hike in the dunes of Chigaga. Walk with a camel caravan with local expert guides, camp, and enjoy the starry nights of the desert for several days.

Our private Sahara tours are always running from different cities to offer travelers the best experience in 4wd cars for individuals and small busses for small groups. Quad biking and camel riding are offered during the Sahara desert tours to give you the best Morocco vacation you always dreamed of.

The best time for a Sahara desert trip in Morocco?

Every season would give you a different experience while traveling in Morocco, however from September to October and from March to May can be the best time to visit Morocco. The weather in the Sahara can be really hot in summer and really cold in winter.





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