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sightseeing tour in Morocco

 Take a fascinating trip across Morocco, a country where vibrant modern life coexists with age-old customs to create an enthralling tapestry of culture, history, and stunning scenery. Discover a fascinating array of sites that narrate tales of dynasties, nomadic Berber tribes, and centuries-old trade routes as you travel through this North African gem. Morocco invites visitors to discover its many cities, cross the enigmatic Sahara Desert, and meander through intricate medinas filled with the ghosts of the past. The country is rich in color, sound, and flavor.

Start your journey in the “Red City,” Marrakech, where the sounds of street musicians fill the air and the aroma of spices blends with the vivid colors of souks. Experience the magnificence of the Koutoubia Mosque, meander through the elegant Bahia Palace, and lose yourself in the captivating Jardin Majorelle, an evocative depiction of botanical and artistic mastery. The vibrant Jemaa el-Fnaa square, with its attractive chaos, welcomes you to the vibrant center of Moroccan life, where street vendors, storytellers, and snake charmers come together to create a breathtaking spectacle.

We already mentioned the best of what you can see in Marrakech in a previous article. Either in Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Agadir, or Marrakech several Morocco tour agencies offer the best sightseeing tour that suits your interests and budget.

Morocco tours from Casablanca:

Private tour from Tangier

Certainly! Morocco’s largest city and commercial center, Casablanca, combines modern conveniences with a touch of old-world charm. Here’s a closer look at some of Casablanca’s main draws:

As it’s where the largest airport is, Casablanca hosts a big part of the travelers although the city is more economical than a tourist destination. You still however can get the best sightseeing tour in Morocco for Casablanca; the best way is to go north to Chefchaouen and then head south to the Sahara desert while enjoying the majestic imperial cities of Meknes and Fes. This way your Morocco tour will cover most of the interesting sights along the way.
On the 6-day trip from Casablanca, you will be in Marrakech after a great exploration of the north and south East, then you still have time to go for an excursion to Essaouira, Ourika Valley, or Ouzoud waterfalls.
Check the best sightseeing in Casablanca for what to see in this city.

Sahara desert tours:

Morocco desert tours

A private Morocco tour can be your choice if you want a quiet vacation with your loved one or your family.

The Sahara desert tour starts from different cities in Morocco, the short desert trip from Marrakech you can take is 2 days from Marrakech of Fes. Only recommended if you have a very limited time.

3 days desert tours can be an amazing way to connect between Fes and Marrakech sightseeing while visiting Erg Chebbi dunes for one night, This desert trip is very common and most well-known among the Sahara trips in Morocco.

Take 4 days desert tour if you wish to spend more time in the Sahara and get the best of the Moroccan desert and sightseeing on your way, why not do some activities such as camel riding, desert trekking, or Quade biking

The Sahara desert tour definitely can inspire you in Morocco, especially with a private tour when you get a comfortable car with a driver who speaks your language. Spending a night in the desert nomadic camp with the camel riding moment in addition to the Sahara sunset remains the highlight of all sightseeing tours and travel packages in Morocco.

On the other hand, Group Morocco tours or shared tours are available to join from Marrakech or Fes.

Grand Morocco tour: 

Book your Morocco grand tour for 20 days if you want the have all important sights covered during a sightseeing tour in Morocco. This tour We offer in Adrar Travel has some unique experiences and you will feel joy and entertainment every day. The tour offers different transportation experiences including 4WD car, bus, train, and air balloon, it covers over 100 sights along with the magical scenery of Morocco. Staying in Authentic Riads, kasbahs, and hotels for this tour adds a unique comfort to the sightseeing tour that you will never forget.

Morocco adventure tours:

Morocco lakes tour
Tislit lake in Imilchil

The adventure of Morocco is limitless, if you are the type of person who seeks true adventure and challenges, the Atlas mountains offer over 10 peaks to climb, a wild desert to explore, and amazing roads for biking or Cycling.

 If you are looking to trek in Morocco check these destinations below:

  • Toubkal National Park: a charming park where it is situated at the Highest peak in North Africa at 4186m altitude, can be climbed only 3 days from Marrakech. offer a unique cultural experience among the Amazigh valleys and villages
  • M’goun massif: In addition to the challenge to be at the top of the second-highest peak in Morocco, Mgoun will be your way to explore Ait Bougumez Valley and Mgoun Gorges in a week full of adventure.
  • Jbel Saghro: During a week from Marrakech you can explore these amazing volcanic mountains and explore the unique culture of the Ait Atta tribe.
  • Homestay in Morocco: there are several cultural trips you can do in Morocco if you like 
  • Camping and road trip: this unique trip offered by our company is for adventurous people during the summer months, where you get an inspiring view of the lakes in Morocco as well as camping and trekking.
  • Talassemtane National Park: One of the best parks in Morocco where you can enjoy your adventure in Morocco in the middle of nature.
  • Camel desert trekking: a true adventure in the harsh of the Sahara desert of Morocco. This trekking tour will give you a unique experience

What to bring for a sightseeing tour in Morocco:

Depending on where you are heading and the type of Morocco trip you’re doing, make sure to check our tips before you travel to Morocco and you need to check if it’s the best time to visit Morocco.

For most of the tours make sure to bring the list below for the sightseeing tours.

  • Travel assurance
  • Backpack
  • Camera, 2 memory cards
  • Water bottle
  • Warm jacket winter or summer you may still need a jacket in some parts of the country.
  • A hat or scarf is always useful, especially in the Sahara desert tour.
  • Your big smile 🙂




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