5 best Things to do around Zagora city

The 5 Best things to do around Zagora city

things to do in Zagora

What are the 5 best things to do around Zagora city?

Zagora is a town in southeast Morocco, of proximity 35000 population, situated 363km from Marrakech 160km from Ouarzazate. The city is the administrative capital of the region, known also for its date palm trees due to the Draa valley that flew all along the east of the City. recently Zagora attracts people who are seeking the adventurous desertic landscape, the charming hospitality of the people, and the delicious dates and watermelon.

Historically the city was known as the main Caravan direction from Toumbouctou in 52 days journeys. the Saadians launched their expedition to conquer Timbouctou from Zagora in 1591. For centuries the passing Caravans gave this isolated small city its cool and special character.

Nowadays the small dunes of Zagora are the best destination for a short desert tour from Marrakech, where people get a test of the Sahara, riding camel, spending and night in the desert camp, and enjoy the starry nights. However, the adventures can extend to different activities and things to do in Zagora city and around and that’s what we are interested to show for anyone who is on vacation in south Morocco

1-Go for a desert tour

Things to do in Zagora

Due to the famous organized tours from Marrakech and Ouarzazate, the city of Zagora has become a well famous destination either to just experience the feeling of being in the Sahara or an extended tour towards the famous Erg Chegaga, this Erg of 40km of a stretch of gold, Sahara dunes up to 300m high some 56km from Mhamid is one of best Dunes in Morocco. The desert tours start from Agadir or Marrakech towards Chegaga or Erg Lehoudi can be an amazing experience for any traveler seeking the landscape and the calming environment.

If you decide to reach Zagora first, then it takes you one hour drive to Mhamid then 3 hours off-road to reach the magical Erg Chegaga dunes. While Erg Lehoudi is very close to Mhamid village.

2-Camel riding and overnight in a desert camp around Zagora city

camel riding in Zagora


During the Sahara desert tours in this region, the camels offering you an amazing slow ride to enjoy the company of this cute animal while enjoying the landscape of the dunes. Riding camel may get tough when it’s over an hour but still, it’s an amazing activity not to be missed while visiting Zagora city.

Desert camps in the region of Zagora are outside the city, there are two types of camps provided for the visitors to experience the outdoor night. The first type is a standard camp where shared Morocco desert tour usually provide, where there are simple tents with shared toilets and showers, while there are few luxury camps that contain all the comfortable elements on the tent, including a comfortable bed, hot shower, toilet and probably WIFI!

3-Go for a camel trekking around Zagora

chegaga trekking


Camel trekking is a new combination word for the Sahara trekking while accompanied by a camel that carries your luggage for few days. Most of the camel trekking tours are starting around Zagora for a week towards Erg Chegaga. It’s a unique adventure in Morocco, worth trying during winter when the weather is fine, this experience is considered one of 5 best treks in Morocco

The guide in this experience is advisable during your camel trekking, not only he shows you the best path to cross but also where to camp and the best way to survive in the wild.

4-Visit Tamgroute and the Tinfou dunes

Situated in 21km from Zagora city,  Tamgroute where Zaouia Nssiriya is situated you can visit the library that contains books on these glassed-in shelves about medical, mathematics, algebra, and law texts, in addition to the Quran dating from the 13th century and written on gazelle hide.

Tamgroute is known for amazing Ksour that you can explore by yourself or with a guide. Near the Ksour you may observe the amazing green poetry that characterizes the production of the town and why not taking some handmade souvenirs!

Tinfou dunes in another hand is a small dune 7km from Tamgroute, not big as Erg Chebbi or Chegaga, but it offers a sneak preview of the Sahara sand.


5-Trekking in Visit Jbel Saghro

Jbel Saghro

The 5th best thing to do around Zagora city is to visit this beautiful chain of Jbel Saghro, raises between the High Atlas and Dades valley on the north and the Sahara desert on the south offers an amazing walk during the winter from both directions. Jbel Saghro trek offers a landscape of flat-topped mesas, deep gorges, and twisted volcanic pinnacles along with valleys of palms and almond groves. Trekking in Jbel Saghro may need a camping tent, but there are small “Gite d’etape” and guest houses that may be warming lodges during the cold winter.

Many travel agencies offer this trek that allows you to continue exploring other regions such as Dades valleys, Todgha gorges, and the Merzouga desert.




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