7 Major airports in Morocco-Traveling To Morocco

7 Major airports in Morocco

Being in the top northeast of the African continents and only a few kilometers from Europe, made Morocco a very important destination for travelers that are attracted to its varied landscapes and unique culture. Traveling to Morocco by air becomes easy last few years, in addition to its important ports that are connected with Europe, and over 20 important airports. There are 7 major airports in Morocco widely used with over 100 destinations in big cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech, and Tangier.

Royal Air Maroc is the largest country airline, with routes to over 80 countries across the world. In addition, there are over 5 other Airline companies in Morocco that offer the way into the best vacations and traveling packages

Bellow the list of the busiest major airports in Morocco:

————International airports in Morocco————-

Mohamed V international airport:

The largest Airport in Morocco with over 27 airlines and over 87 destinations. Located in Nouasseur, a suburb 30 km southeast of Casablanca. Considered as of the 5 busiest airports in the African continent with over 10,000 passengers in 2019. Casablanca offers some of the best traveling vacations in different parts of Morocco to exotic Sahara desert and imperial cities.

Casa port to Mohamed V Airport can be by train or Taxi. However, the airport is a only 30-40 minute drive from the center of the city.

Casablanca airport has the high-quality services that you may find in the international airport’s standards such as trains, rental cars, ATMs. Mohamed V airport remains the best airport for Grand Morocco Tour once you decided to explore the diversity of the country.

Hassan II mosque is the highlight of Casablanca day tours with hundreds of visitors every day.

Menara Airport in Marrakech:

One of the important Morocco international Airports consists of 18 airlines and 49 destinations. Marrakech Airport becomes the busiest due to its important tourist attractions. Marrakech Menara airport served over 6.3 million passengers in 2019, With its vibrant Medina, souks, food, and art Marrakech becomes the main gate to travel in time through the culture and traditions of Morocco.

With the beautiful architecture of the airport, Menara has two terminals, both have currency exchange and an ATM, Restaurants, and shops with other important facilities are provided to make this airport one of the top tourist destinations in Morocco.

Marrakech is the best city that offers short Desert tours in Morocco, as well as vacation packages to different attractive touristic sights, to explore Morocco in every way.

Al Massira Airport in Agadir:

One of the major Airports in Morocco is located in the commune of Temsia 25 kilometers from the city. This Moroccan Airport served over 1,500,000 passengers in 2007 which makes it one of the large Airports in Morocco to over 20 destinations with over 12 airlines.

Agadir has one of the best beaches in Morocco with different surfing opportunities for travelers in Taghazout. The region offers different vacation packages from Agadir and day tours. Amazing Agadir desert tours becoming popular for those who want to discover the Sahara desert in Morocco.

Marrakech and Essaouira are only 3 hour’s drive, once anyone lands at the Agadir Airport and wants to explore other interesting touristic cities.

Nador International airport in Nador:

Situated 24 km from the city of Nador, this international airport in Morocco plays an important role in the industry of the Rif North region. This airport is small in comparison with the first one. However, it still got over 6 airlines and serves 12 different destinations.

Nador has a small international airport with links to Morocco’s main airports and some European destinations such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. For traveling in north Morocco this Airport is very close to Melilla, a city that is still under the occupation of Spain, as well as to Al Hoceima and Fes. Proximity is 6 hour drive from Tangier.

In the summer season, many Moroccans living abroad use this Airport to spend summer vacation with their families.

Ibn Battouta Airport in Tangier:

This international major airport in Morocco is named after a Moroccan traveler ” Iben Battouta” who was born in Tangier. This airport is the closest to Europe, serves Tangier and Rif region, and has 6 airlines and 12 destinations. Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia Maroc and Ryanair have many connections to this airport in Tangier. Back in 2019, Iben Battouta airport in Tangier served about 1,070,000 passengers.

Tangier Airport is 14 km from the center of Ville, there are no bus routes in the airport, but grand taxis are always in service 24 hours a day at a fixed price by the government.

In addition to serving the economy of Tangier which has grown rapidly last few years, this airport plays a big role in providing easy access for traveling vacations from Tangier to different regions including Chefchaouen and Fes.


Saiss Airport in Fes:

Saiss Airport Is one of the Major Moroccan international Airports, serving Fes, one of the imperial cities in Morocco with a population of 1.15 million. This Moroccan Airport marked over a million passengers in 2017 to over 16 destinations.

Fes Saiss Airport is located in13 km from the center of Fes, regular trips are offered from the airport to the center by bus (number 16).

For travelers who are interested in Fes, the city has one of the oldest Medina in Morocco,  with several Koranic schools and important trips from Fes to the Sahara desert and other interesting touristic attractions such as Volubilis, Meknes, Ifran, and Chefchaouen

Rabat-Salé airport:

Rabat-Salée Airport is one of the 7 major Airports in Morocco, located in the city of Salé. At about 8 kilometers from Rabat, the capital of Morocco. It is a joint-use public and military Airport, also hosting the first Airbase of the Royal Morocco Air force.

Rabat-sale Airport has 5 Airlines to 9 destinations, public transport, and other facilities are provided in the Airport.

For traveling vacations in Morocco, this Airport is situated in the capital, the middle of Morocco which is very close to other big cities including Casablanca, Tangier, and Fes. The capital also offers some beautiful sightseeing tours to explore the Medina and its highlights.




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